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Adomik has enabled Defy to create a bespoke, market-leading technology stack that allows us to ‘match the market’ and maximize our programmatic earnings.”
— Navid Behzadi


Defy Media is an innovative publisher that leads the market in the use of programmatic technology to monetize inventory. The company lives by the principal that in digital media, market change equals opportunity. Management believes in investing in its team’s knowledge and tools to insure they are capable of capitalizing on change.


In 2014, Defy recognized that to maximize their programmatic revenue, they needed to ‘match the market” -- rapidly adjust its prices as the market rapidly changed. However, the identification of what pricing rules to use and write to the ad exchange wasn’t a timely or scaleable enough process for a small team. With existing technologies, once the team had identified optimizations and authored new rules, the market had already changed.

Hence, it became clear to Defy that identifying the thousands of daily opportunities then writing the rules necessary to capture these opportunities was not possible in the required amount of time.

Additionally, while “matching the market”, the team sought high-fidelity analytics to observe and insure that their demand partners continued to grow their participation as they changed pricing.


Defy Media’s SVP Business Development & Distribution, Navid Behzadi researched different solutions available on the market and identified Adomik’s analytics and optimization as the right solution.

  • In Adomik, Defy Media found a vendor that could easily leverage its trading data to automate the identification and writing of granular pricing rules at scale (thousands per day) to match the market
  • Adomik empowers Defy with the flexibility to optimize by both supply or demand scopes
  • For full transparency and control over optimization, Adomik’s solution offers Defy the ability to review all pricing rule changes before pushing them live.
  • Adomik provides high-fidelity analytics tools to monitor buyer behavior to make sure Defy continues to keep demand partners happy.
  • Defy also benefits from industry-leading deal discovery, deal pricing and deal monitoring and troubleshooting tools


The Defy team estimates the following results of using Adomik’s tools:    

  • With Adomik, Defy Media has seen an average revenue uplift increase greater than 20%
  • The Defy sales team now has full transparency on the behavior of their buyers in Open RTB so they can identify and price PMP deals in a scaleable way
  • Defy’s programmatic team can instantly monitor the effect of new deal and Open RTB price rules on buyer behavior
  • With superior tools and technology, Defy’s team was able to pivot to being proactive and in control of yield management as they gained the agility to “match the market” and capitalize on daily opportunity