Adomik has been a catalyst to our success in programmatic. Adomik has helped us gain control and given us insights into our programmatic monetization. Other premium publishers should consider using Adomik as a programmatic analytics’ tool.
— Lee Callagher, Fairfax Trading Desk Commercial Manager


As programmatic and RTB rapidly evolved, Fairfax needed cutting-edge programmatic analytics to remain agile, responsive and ahead of market changes -- and they knew that building a solution themselves would be a distraction and prevent them from having up-to-date technology.

When Fairfax Media made an early decision to “go programmatic” to manage yield on premium publications such as the Sydney Morning Herald, The Age and the Brisbane Times across Australia, the United States and New Zealand, it was apparent that the tools the buy side used were vastly superior to anything offered to publishers. It was clear to Fairfax that to stand equal with the buy side they needed seller technology designed specifically for publishers operating in the rapidly evolving programmatic ecosystem.

The Fairfax team sought a complete technology solution to satisfy their requirements and allow them to gain control of and better understand their inventory. Adomik fulfilled these needs was chosen as a partner. 


Beginning in September 2014 the Fairfax team began working with the Adomik platform to obtain transparency and understanding about their programmatic business. Within the first 6 months, Fairfax had increased average monthly programmatic inventory revenue by 40%. During this period, Adomik’s insights and recommendations enabled the Fairfax team to:

  • Accelerate their learning curve in programmatic channels by understanding their buyers bidding behavior and the perceived value of their inventory

  • Better comprehend the exchange’s yield management tools (floors, block lists) to achieve revenue and fill rate goals

  • Control the impact of different floor pricing strategies to better monetize their inventory



With Adomik in place, Fairfax Media received actionable insights about their ecosystem of buyers and brands. As a result Fairfax Media is now able to identify buyer bidding patterns to understand the full picture of buying strategies so they can fulfill buyer needs more efficiently and strengthen these relationships. Fairfax has reported outstanding performance since adopting Adomik:

  • Using Adomik Bid analyzer during monthly inventory performance reviews has helped Fairfax better understand their programmatic business such that the share of programmatic channel revenue has increased from 6% to 20% of their total volume, year over year

  • Adomik empowered Fairfax to provide insights to buying partners resulting in an increase of 215% in spend from major demand partners

  • By regularly assessing block list impact, Fairfax identified ad quality settings responsible for significant revenue loss. For example they uncovered a single day gain of $16,000 in revenue from a Citigroup campaign that was blocked improperly.