Adomik innovative insights and recommendations have brought an unparalleled level of transparency into the exchange platform. This has enabled the Orange Ad Market to provide best of breed services to their buyers and publishers.”
— Emilie Brulebeaux, Head of RTB activities at Orange Advertising


Orange, the leading multi-national telecommunications and digital media corporation in France, reaches 63% of the French market with 29.5 million unique visitors per month*. To leverage this reach and more effectively monetize its inventory, Orange launched its programmatic initiatives via the Orange Ad Market ad exchange within the AppNexus platform. The Orange Ad Market provides a fully transparent RTB offering and increases demand for their direct non-guaranteed offerings.The Orange Ad Market was built on the concepts of powerful reach, transparency, and unparalleled service.

To manage yield at this scale, Orange needed deep analytics to comb its daily trading data for insights across the exchange. Orange also sought the ability to make changes to their yield strategies at scale across the network in a timely and reliable manner. To the team at Orange, a successful programmatic strategy had to increase revenue and yield across all inventory while helping them build healthier relationships with demand partners.


Adomik has allowed Orange Ad Market to provide improved results for both Buyers and Publishers.


      TRANSPARENCY: With Adomik, Orange offers buyers better visibility on their bidding patterns to illustrate a full picture of their buying strategies

      COLLABORATION: Orange can share the reasons why buyers lose auctions to help them refine bidding strategies and increase spend

      TROUBLESHOOTING: With Adomik, Orange can help buyers identify technical issues between their DSP and the exchange (creative specs, misclassification of creatives, latencies)


      PRICING OPTIMIZATION: Adomik-powered publishers can deliver optimal pricing adjustments in real-time for publisher and placement levels to maximize revenue and fill rate

      OPPORTUNITY IDENTIFICATION: With Adomik’s platform in place, Orange can share with publishers the hidden revenue opportunity behind their blocklists and the bidding behavior of buyers on specific inventory

      INVENTORY CLASSIFICATION: Orange is capable of revealing high/poor value zones within publisher inventory by leveraging Adomik’s platform.


Orange Ad Market was able to develop healthier relationships with buyers and publishers, and bring more transparency to the ad exchange. The combination of Adomik’s innovative insights with Orange Ad Markets’ reach resulted in tremendous increase in spend from major demand partners.Others included: