Adomik has been a key element for Schibsted to make the transition into RTB and programmatic. The platform has helped us illuminate our trading data and become confident that we will continue to realize the potential that this channel has. Adomik has helped us become smarter and we look forward to a long and prosperous relationship.
— Robert Johansson, Head of Programmatic, Schibsted


In order to maximize shareholder value and reap the benefits of machine-mediated media selling, Schibsted looked to the programmatic environment just as many questions and negative stories from RTB publishers were prominent in industry press. To manage yield across 40 publications and 30 countries, Schibsted required a solution that could help them analyze and understand their inventory for both open exchange and private deal inventory while giving them recommendations and tools to optimize across its unique portfolio.

To provide a measured approach to programmatic, the Schibsted team researched 10 technology and strategic vendors to help them navigate programmatic. Adomik was selected as a technology vendor as result of this process. 


Led by Robert Johansson, the Schibsted team began working with Adomik in October of 2013 with the goal of ramping programmatic slowly to maximize learning and insure that the company was prepared to scale up correctly within individual markets. Within the first 3 months, Schibsted had increased resold revenue by 116% for the same segment of business in the prior period. Adomik’s insights and recommendations enabled the Schibsted team to:

  • Understand and analyze at the most granular level which parts of their inventory were highly valuable to buyers

  • Attain full visibility of demand-side bidding patterns to share actionable insights with preferred buying partners, even opening an extended buyer console for Cadreon.

  • Discover and unlock revenue opportunities hidden behind their ad quality settings and technical issues between their exchange and DSPs

  • Understand and initiate effective deals



As a result of Schibsted’s astute management of its premium inventory and dedicated sales team, along with Adomik’s insights, recommendations and custom training, Schibsted has reported outstanding performance since the beginning of the collaboration:

  • A +67% average increase in monthly exchange revenue (Jan 14 vs Jan 15) for a steady volume, resulting in a +72% increase in exchange CPM pricing in 2014

  • Booming incremental revenue coming from deals and private marketplaces: from 0% to 56% of monthly exchange revenue in only 9 months

  • Stronger, more consistent relationships with buyers: CadreonTM steadily increased their spend throughout 2014