Working with adomik has been a real treat. The platform and the service they provide are invaluable to us. Our advertisers are benefiting from insights and ways to develop new buying strategies to seize real-time premium inventory opportunities and our publishers are seeing consistent yield increases.
— Dharmesh Patel, Head of Programmatic at Unanimis


Founded in 2001, Unanimis is the largest exclusive digital advertising network specialising in branded and performance display advertising, across internet and mobile. With a reach of over 73%* of the UK online population, Unanimis creates value from online audiences for both advertisers and website publishers through the use of AppNexus platform. Unanimis was the first adomik client in January 2013. The idea was to help them implement a successful programmatic strategy to increase revenue and yield across all inventory.

  • Set-up a sustainable yield management strategy (floor prices, blocklist)
  • Engage better with their demand partners by helping them to refine their bidding strategy
  • Keep control on their direct sales by truly understanding the behavior of their buyers

Healthy relationships with demand partners are key for Unanimis success and growth. Unanimis had three main goals when they selected adomik to boost their programmatic sales:



Adomik's intuitive charts and real-time insights allowed Unanimis to:

  • Identify auctions won or lost by the buyers and discover the cause
  • Adjust floor prices in real-time
  • Identify bidding patterns and build the full picture of the bid landscape to maximize revenue
  • Locate the price of high-demand inventory for maximum profitability

Also, thanks to adomik, Unanimis managed to have fruitful relationships with buyers sharing with them how they could improve their bidding strategy to win more auctions.



The combination of adomik’s innovative insights and optimization tools resulted in an increase of 38% of monthly revenue and 23% in fill rate for Unanimis publishers while maintaining stable rates and great performance for advertisers. Thanks to more efficient spotting and troubleshooting of technical issues (creative specs, miscategorization of creatives, latencies between DSPs and exchanges), Unanimis was also able to unlock new revenue opportunities which were missed before.