We are happy to announce that we will be sponsoring and presenting at DIG Publishing Lisbon on 10/3-10/6. Thanks to Sell, our exclusive market index, we’ll give you insights about these three current trends in publisher monetization:

  • Advertiser in-housing
  • Increase in average CPM in Programmatic
  • The Aftermath of the GDPR

We’ll present some key figures and give you some tips to exploit these trends and maximize your revenue.
Moreover, if you are attending the event, we would love to catch up with you to discuss your current priorities and update you on the new Adomik Platform.
In fact, in the midst of an evolution towards a new programmatic advertising era, we’ve recently launched our new Platform to help publishers tackle the new challenges of monetization.
So don’t hesitate to book a time with us:

We are looking forward to reconnecting with you!

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