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The heart of the Adomik Platform.
It collects, processes and unifies all your monetization data to power the Adomik products.

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Data Collection

The Data Engine connects to your monetization partners via dedicated Data Connectors in order to collect all your monetization data. Activation is Plug and Play as early, completely and accurately as possible; data is available in just a few days and onboarding of new data sources is immediate.

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Data Engine

The Data Engine, the heart of the Adomik Platform.
It powers the five Adomik products and Professional Services and provides the most powerful, comprehensive and accurate monetization dataset available on the market.
It has been designed for complex Ad stack, to automatically collect, process, store and unify all of your monetization data.  It supports constantly evolving data sources (API, new advertiser…). It manages currencies and complex metrics with accuracy.
It is use case oriented to suit your needs.

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Data Engine sketch data collection data normalization and data Mapping


Automated collection process that supports multiple data source formats: API, csv, query tool, email…

Dynamic data reload when advertising partners update their figures

Data cleaning with timezone, currencies and revenue share management

Flexible data aggregation across all partners based on universal or custom mapping schemes

Machine learning powered data processing to generate smart insights and recommendations

Various outputs based on use case: alerts, dashboard, data feed, pricing recommendation, etc.

"Adomik has been an invaluable partner for The Guardian in simplifying our reporting challenges. Within its easy-to-use dashboard, the Adomik team set up customised functionalities to fit the tool to our needs. The platform helps us get consolidated and comprehensible data for the majority of our advertising activity, compare our business performance to the market and make well-informed, data-driven decisions. It has greatly decreased our daily workload and the time spent on reporting and analysis."

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James Swan
Programmatic Account Director
The Guardian

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Consolidated & accurate data and zero discrepancy

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+15% uplift in AdX open
RTB revenue

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