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The Data Engine

The heart of the Adomik Advertising Analytics Platform

The Data Engine collects, processes,
harmonizes, maps, and customizes
all your advertising monetization data to make it fully actionable for your advertising teams,
either from Adomik Apps or your own data management solutions.

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Data Engine

Your advertising data, collected, harmonized, mapped, customized

The Data Engine connects to all your advertising monetization sources, dynamically collects your advertising data from revenue down to bid level, harmonizes it to create a consistent dataset, maps the multiple labels of brands, buyers, and bidders under unique names to make the data fully actionable for your advertising teams, and last but not least, adds comparison points with the advertising market.

For the data to perfectly fit your organization and use cases, the Data Engine also understands the structure of your advertising monetization stack to avoid double-counting ad requests, impressions, or revenue from header bidding and gives you multiple options for customization.

The Data Engine eliminates time-consuming and complex engineering projects to deliver the data to make your monetization thrive. Activate Adomik Apps to leverage your data, or rely on Data Export to ingest it into your cloud and your own data management solutions.

Discover Our Data Connectors

Adomik Data Engine

Data Collection

Automated and error-proof advertising data collection process

The Data Engine connects to your monetization partners via dedicated Data Connectors in order to collect all your monetization data. The activation of Data Connectors is plug and play, requires no technical resources from your teams, and is immediate upon request. Your advertising data is collected as early as it is made available by your monetization partners, and it includes all the data points required for managing your advertising business.

More than 80 prebuilt connectors available, including direct connectors for Ad servers, SSPs, and Header Bidding Server-Side (S2S) solutions

Immediate & seamless
activation on-demand

No custom development

Fully-managed API/log-level data ecosystem

Let us manage and maintain your data sources so your teams don’t have to

available for
CRM solutions

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…and more!

Highest accuracy on the market for revenue data with <0.1% discrepancy 

Adomik “Smart connectors” automatically detect SSP updates and recollect the data, ensuring zero discrepancy.

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Fully consolidated and harmonized advertising data

Fully-managed data transformation

Let us manage the burden of data harmonization and manage the data schema on your behalf


  • Disparate data sources


  • Heterogeneous data


  • Duplicated data (due to Header Bidding setups)
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  • Standardized and Unified data. Grouping together and reconciliation of similar data points across all SSPs: Sales channels (Open, Private Marketplace (PMP), Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), etc.), Buyers, Websites & Apps, Creative sizes, Ad slots, Revenue, CTR and Viewability, etc.


  • Deduplicated Revenue, Ad Requests, Fill Rates, etc. No double-counting due to Header Bidding setups


  • Clean revenue calculation. Gross to Net transformation based on your business models, accurate currency conversions


  • New calculated data points. Bid metrics from log files, programmatic auction loss reasons, etc.

All you need for managing monetization

Sample of data points made available from the Data Engine

Revenue data: Revenue, Impression, CPM, Fill rate, Ad request, Sales channel

Deal data: Deal ID, Type, Status, Pacing, etc.

Performance data: CTR, Viewability, Cost Per View (CPV), etc.

Video data: Ad duration, View-trough rate (VTR), Quartiles, Cost Per Completed View (CPCV), Error rate, Series ID and episode, Streaming type (Linear or View on Demand (VoD)), Video reseller, etc.

Demand data: Bidder, Buyer, Brand, Creative size, etc.

Supply data: Website & App, Ad slot, Device, Media type, Video show & episode

Bid data: #bid,
Win rate


Actionable data for efficient demand management

Mapping under unique names of all various labels for Brands, Buyers, Bidders and more

Fully managed service leveraging data science, human validation, and QA processes

300,000 brands and buyers already mapped (and new brands, buyers, etc. mapped every day!)

Media agencies and holding companies mapped onto two different levels (for example, Mindshare and Mediacom are mapped as two single agencies and under GroupM Holding)


Data that works for your organization

Leverage multiple options of customization to fit the data to your organization

Custom dimensions

To create additional custom data points collected either from your ad servers and SSPs or based on the custom combination and extraction of existing data.

Custom profiles

To define the data and Adomik Apps that you want to activate
for the teams or users of your choice.

Three examples of data customization

The following images are based on screenshots from the Adomik REPORT App.

Adomik data Engine - Data customization 1

News Publisher

Six custom dimensions

Breakdown of revenue data by Device (Web/App) or Product (News page context)

Adomik data Engine - Data customization 2

Travel Publisher

Two custom dimensions based on Key Value pairs

Breakdown of revenue data by Platform (App type) & Loctype (Travel subvertical)

Adomik data Engine Data customization 3

Ecommerce Publisher

Two custom profiles

Creation of dedicated datasets for Revenue Ops (data limited to a subset of inventory) and Programmatic Adops (exclusion of Direct Insert Orders (IOs))


Plug and play Data Connectors that support multiple data source formats: API, CSV, query tool, email, etc.

Fully automated data reload when monetization partners (SSPs, Ad servers) update their figures

Comprehensive set of data points available, covering revenue, performance, video, deal data, and more!

Data standardization and cleanup with Header Bidding deduplication, time zone adjustments, currency conversions, calculation from gross to net revenue, etc.

Creation of bid data insights based on Log-level Data

Powerful customization options to adapt your advertising dataset to your needs and those of your teams

Unique algorithm that manages the mapping into unique names of Brand, Buyers & bidders, and keeps it up-to-date

"Before Adomik we needed to run multiple reports and also rely on other departments. The amount of time we used to spend pulling and standardizing data from different exchanges created a lot of inefficiency. It was time-consuming and we didn’t get the right insights. With Adomik, we stopped wasting time on data collection; now we can finally spend our time in analysis with the right insights. Keeping it simple is very hard. Adomik is both simple and impactful."

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Ravikumar Munukutla
Principal Product Manager
Cox Automotive

Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

More efficiency, revenue & transparency

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Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

Consolidated & accurate data and zero discrepancy

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