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Yield Management

Maximize your Open Auction revenue, analyze your header bidding setup and programmatic partners

Open auction revenue optimization is growing more complex day by day as publishers have to deal with multiple demand sources (GAM, Prebid, TAM, Open Bidding), the cookie apocalypse, and increasing pressure on user experience.
Are you sure to have the right set of bidders in your stack? The optimal time-out values? The best user ID modules?


Save time and leverage data centralization

with Adomik’s Yield Prebid Analytics solution

Advertising Yield Management - Adomik YIELD Prebid Analytics 1

Open your Yield Analytics dashboard, and monitor all your Prebid data in one place. See your partners’ revenue and bidding behaviors across your whole inventory


Change your stack setup and monitor instantly the impact on revenue with Yield Prebid analytics


Identify the bidders that matter: understand the added value for each of them


Identify under-monetized inventory and take action


Analyse low fill rates and low average number of bids per request (per format, publisher, ad unit, device, country, browser)


Advertising Yield Management - Adomik Yield Prebid Analytics 2

Combine user analytics with revenue

using Adomik’s Yield Audience Analytics solution

Advertising Adomik-Yield-Audience-Analytics

Identify environments where a better UX can help you grow your traffic and generate additional advertising revenue (per Domain, Country, Device, Environment, Browser)


Combined with Prebid analytics, optimize your Prebid set-up to find the sweet spot between monetization & user experience. Monitor through time the impact of these stack changes on all main KPIs: revenue/session, page views, sessions, page views/session, bounce rate, and avg page load time(s)


Compare cookied and cookie-less environments


Add Adomik Yield optimization solutions to your Yield Analytics and implement stronger revenue strategies


Why a Yield Management Platform?

Our Yield Management platform dynamically analyzes your header bidding setup and programmatic partners with Adomik Yield Analytics, and delivers real-time troubleshooting insights with automated recommendations with Adomik Yield Optimization

1. Optimize your user experience

Improve the user experience to grow your traffic and generate additional revenue

Reduce your page loading time with prebid time-out optimisation and smart bidder selection,
client- or server-side
Reduce the ad load on your pages with the optimal number of ad units per page
Increase your average revenue per user with Yield Analytics

2. Optimize your

Grow your programmatic demand to attract new revenue with Yield Optimization


Select the highest revenue-generating bidders
Implement the ID modules that provide the best CPM
Identify the best demand for consentless
and ID less traffic

3. Troubleshoot hidden issues

Resolve the technical issues that negatively affect your revenue


Receive real-time alerts any time a technical issue occurs with Yield Optimization
Access real-time analytics for full transparency
into your header bid data 
Easily follow the effects of your troubleshooting actions
to ensure full recovery

how it works

“Multi-source” data processing

Advertising Adomik-Yield-Audience-Analytics

The Adomik Yield Management Platform captures and combines the bid data from your header (Prebid), the monetization data from your ad server (GAM), and the audience data from your audience analytics software (Google Analytics, Adobe, and Piano)


It delivers unique “bid level” and “user monetization” insights for your AdOps to monitor the stack in real time


Audience Analytics

Joined audience analytics (e.g. Google Analytics or Piano) and monetization insights (from Prebid Analytics) to monitor the impact of ads on your audience, and optimize your revenue per page, session, user, section, etc.

Prebid Analytics

Full transparency into bidder bid data, latency insights, bounce rate monitoring, bidder added value measurement, etc.

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