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Detect and resolve issues to unlock new revenue flows

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Use Cases*

Having a hard time identifying and prioritizing programmatic issues that make you lose revenue?
Troubleshoot crunches your bid data and computes opportunity costs to reveal critical issues. Then it guides you through resolving them to turn ad ops into revenue-making opportunities.


Use the Deal center centralizing your deal’s key insights, to easily identify and troubleshoot underdelivering deals


Receive automated alerts when the revenue from a deal drops, to act immediately


Understand the reasons why some auctions do not sell and improve your fill rate

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Analyze demand behavior; bid shading issues & recommendations to increase spend in budget 


Easily detect when tags stop delivering 


Monitor the revenue & CPM impact of block lists across the stack

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We collect your data from all your monetization partners, consolidate it, enrich it
and make it available in a single UI

Troubleshoot deals that are under delivering & identify potential conflicts in your deal set-up 

All dimensions available: supply, demand, transaction types, media types, browsers, pricing rules

Flexible comparisons & last year daily analysis


Consolidated & standardized data across the full stack


Customizable dashboard to build your own default page

Cross-Stack bid metrics: participation rate, win rate, avg bid, bid distribution, loss reasons

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