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*Available now on Xandr (ex AppNexus) only;
Available in Q2 2020 for other partners across your stack.

Having a hard time identifying and prioritizing programmatic issues that make you lose revenue?
Troubleshoot crunches your bid data and computes opportunity costs to reveal critical issues. Then it guides you through resolving them to turn ad ops into revenue-making opportunities.

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Stop losing time and revenue (money) because you were too late to learn of an issue


Unlock new revenue opportunities based on cross-stack bid activity


Adjust your settings to keep your programmatic opportunity costs under control


Get a clear understanding of why a programmatic PMP doesn’t deliver… and fix it!


Refine your header bidding solution settings

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We collect your data from all your monetization partners, consolidate it, enrich it
and make it available in a single UI

Programmatic bug management: errors, programmatic PMP issues, SPO, bids below price floors, etc.

Opportunity costs calculated by machine learning algorithms

Fully transparent bid activity reporting: winning & losing bids, avg bid value, etc.

Detailed blocklist monitoring

Programmatic PMP-level analytics

Header Bidding wrapper analytics

With the new Adomik platform, we were able to merge all of our SSPs’ reporting data into one single tool... By combining demand-side, sell-side and custom dimensions across our entire stack, the platform allows us to detect monetization opportunities to increase our display revenue.

Fabian Schmitt
Team Lead Yield Operations
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+15% uplift in AdX open
RTB revenue

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Consolidated & accurate data and zero discrepancy

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