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Decipher your bid data and fix the hidden programmatic issues that cause you to lose revenue

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Decipher your bid data and fix the hidden programmatic issues that cause you to lose revenue

Having a hard time identifying and prioritizing programmatic issues that lead to you losing revenue?
Troubleshoot crunches your bid data, provides you with a transparent picture of your programmatic auctions, and uncovers the programmatic issues that affect your programmatic revenue. You can rely on the Troubleshoot App to optimize your stack, better manage your demand, and generate more revenue as a direct result.

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Why Troubleshoot?


Monitor the bidding behavior of your programmatic buyers and their brands with simple visibility of their number of bids, win rate, bids per CPM bucket, losing bids details, etc. Understand why they do not spend more with you, and share actionable recommendations with them to improve their win rate and the amount of budget they spend on your sites and apps


Identify “low fill rate” inventory scopes (at the ad-slot, browser, country, media type… levels), and access bid-level insights into the reasons why your programmatic auctions do not sell in order to fix the programmatic issues right away!


Get a clear understanding of how much money you leave on the table due to your “Ad Quality Settings” and exactly which programmatic campaign you block. Adjust your settings and unblock acceptable creatives to generate new sources of revenue


Access the winning and losing bid details for each of your Open Auction pricing rules to adapt your pricing scheme based on the demand value of your inventory


Detect technical issues regarding “tag implementation” that affect your programmatic auctions and fix them to “restart” monetization


Assess your “deal gains”, i.e. how much incremental revenue they generate vs. Open Auctions, to ensure that they perform properly and adapt your deal prices accordingly



The Troubleshoot App is currently available for:

Adomik and Xandr Monetize


We collect your data from all your monetization partners, consolidate it, enrich it
and make it available in a single UI


Combination of simple revenue metrics and advanced bid insights: bid rates, win rates, bids per CPM bucket, winning & losing bid details, etc.

Adomik Troubleshoot icon - fix the hidden programmatic issues

Reasons why a programmatic auction does not sell, why a buyer is losing auctions, etc.

Adomik Troubleshoot icon document - fix the hidden programmatic issues

Fully customizable dashboard that allows the creation of views for each troubleshooting use case (buyer, fill rate, pricing rules, etc.) with a combination of easy-to-read charts and tables

Adomik Troubleshoot icon filter - fix the hidden programmatic issues

Granular data to filter on the inventory scope of your choice: website, app, ad slot, media type, country, browser, device, etc.

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