On May 25th, the new GDPR legislation came into effect in the European Union.

We read and heard many rumors about how digital advertising, and publisher monetization more specifically, was affected and how it would evolve from then. We want to cut through the noise. Adomik collects large amounts of data about how publishers monetize their audience and as a result is in position to assess clearly what is really happening.
So we decided to release a study based on real figures to provide our readers with clarity on the impact of the GDPR and our recommendations on how to manage monetization during the transition from a pre- to a post-GDPR world.
Following our “GDPR for Dummies” article which studied the qualitative impact of the GDPR, this document is the first of a series that will be dedicated to the quantitative impact of the GDPR on the advertising industry. We’ve witnessed the first episode.
We expect more to happen in the future especially when Google joins the IAB Europe Transparency & Consent framework or when the programmatic value chain (from publishers to SSPs, bidders, buyers and advertisers) fully embraces the GDPR reasoning… We will be there to share data, our analyses and recommendations. Stay tuned !
But for now, let’s focus on what happened in the aftermath of May 25th.

In the following document, Adomik embarks on an analysis of the impact of the GDPR in two major European markets – France and the Netherlands. We’ll take a look at some major buyers and their spend activity on the major advertising platforms in order to quantify the impact we’ve witnessed and try to make sense of it all.
In conclusion, we’ll give our readers some advice on what to do next, how to make a strategic plan to be GDPR compliant and how to be prepared for any upcoming changes in the market.

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