To address the needs of today’s publisher, Adomik has published a white paper on Holistic Yield Management.

Complexity, siloed data, and multiple partners and channels have placed new transparency and yield management challenges in the hands of publisher teams that are already constrained. Yet, to monetize inventory to its maximum potential, publishers need to be able to “see across the stack” and manage yield holistically.
In theory ‘holistic’ sounds easy. In practice, its much more challenging. What are the opportunity costs of using Google First Look? Is there a positive impact when adding a new header bidding partner? Did I add the right one? What’s the opportunity cost of selling this inventory in a PMP versus Open Auction? With the myriad of siloed data that exists in a publisher’s day-to-day, answers to these questions have become much more difficult to answer.

Our white paper provides a framework for unifying demand, impression mechanics and analytics to help publishers do more with less and meet the challenges of today’s modern stacks. Get 2018 under control by reading this today!

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