As we all know, Using PMP or Deal ID (or whatever the term of the day is for programmatic private deals over ad exchange pipes) can be a murky challenge for programmatic yield managers. Simply stated, the rule book isn’t fully written yet and folks are still sorting out how private marketplaces should be used for programmatic yield management.

This is exactly where our Private Marketplace Quick Reference Guide comes into play.
Building on the success of the “How to fix Private Marketplaces” series, we have updated the Adomik Private Marketplaces Quick Reference Guide to give a you a quick overview on how and what kind of PMP to use for your goals. Please let us know your comments and input on the document. You can download it by clicking below.
This PDF walks you through the decisions to make as you set up programmatic Private Marketplaces for your yield management strategies. The Quick Reference Guide highlights the pros and cons of each auction type and attributes of open vs private auction types. Here’s a peek at the template so you’ll know what to expect.
After downloading and using the Private Marketplace Quick Reference Guide, you’ll be able to answer questions including:
  • When should I use a private or open auction?
  • How should data be shared in the deal?
  • How do I setup deals for one buyer? Many buyers?
  • What are the pros and cons of each type of deal?



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