Adomik’s Programmatic Yield Management Handbook will deliver a weekly curriculum to help media sellers get in control and confidently operate in the programmatic ecosystem.

Yes, you read that right, we said sellers! This content is focused on issues from a seller’s perspective. We recognize that there are two sides to every transaction, and without buyers, there would be no market. However, we are focused on creating information and insight for sellers, who have traditionally been, if not ignored, unintentionally marginalized by vendors and others chasing “the hottie at the dance” — buy side money.

To date, most sellers have stated they feel programmatic has been trading “digital dimes for programmatic pennies”. The overall promise of programmatic — accurately pricing every transaction and only showing the right ad to the right person at the right moment — has not yet been realized, and sellers are suffering.  Yet programmatic is here to stay and growing like a weed. In fact, Magna Global recently predicted that the amount of global inventory bought and sold using programmatic in 2015 will increase an unbelievable 49% compared to last year and reach $14.2 billion. Amazing growth for sure.

This handbook will help arm sellers with best of breed approaches, tools, platforms, and strategies.  The contributors to this handbook live and breath programmatic yield management. We know all the acronyms and have tried all the solutions. We strive to present an unbiased view of our experiences of selling, managing and building tools for programmatic media sellers and working with the people who use these tools every day

So like many programmatic sellers…

You’ve got new buyers on your inventory, you’ve got a great team doing amazing things to maintain and hopefully increase your yield. Maybe you’re even finally starting to feel confident in these channels.

But behind all that, there’s likely a resourceful company trying to keep up. With all this growth, you still need to “up” your programmatic capabilities — and fast — to make sure you are in position to profit from the programmatic future.

You suddenly need to think hard about things like how to use open market prices to make sure private and direct deals are priced right. You need to be thinking about how your floor strategies affect liquidity and how to more rapidly push new floors to meet the market’s daily changes. You also need to make sure you have control of your seller data and know how to use that data to make your sales team more effective. Throw in the need to dialog with your new and existing buyers to build relationships, and it’s clear you have a lot on your plate.

The list of stuff to think about keeps growing…We know this feeling. It’s scary. And we can help.

Today, we’re happy to announce The Programmatic Yield Management Handbook…a new series by the Adomik team that will explore programmatic channels and the best and most effective ways to understand programmatic inventory and manage yield in today’s programmatic world.

Sometimes posts will be short, and sometimes they’ll be long — but they’ll always be expert perspectives backed by data from our team that has over 100 years experience in programmatic. Much of the early content in the series is the type of content we wish someone had told us along the way but had to learn ourselves. Later on you’ll see content that gets into the nitty gritty.

We hope you find the resource helpful and we welcome any and all feedback. So please reach out with your thoughts. We’ve got our first post ready for you so look for it tomorrow (better yet subscribe to the blog below to get the content mailed to you).

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