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We opened our office in the UK in 2018 Q4 and we organized a breakfast-panel in London to celebrate the opening.

We brought publishers together for a valuable, meaningful discussion. We explored some of the challenges facing customers around monetisation, reporting and, especially, how publishers navigate today’s increasingly complex market.
For the occasion, Jean-François Bernard, CPO at Adomik, presented an analysis of the state of the UK programmatic market that we wanted to share with you. Click below to download the full presentation:

All these market insights come from SELL, Adomik’s exclusive programmatic market index that gives full visibility into demand, transaction types, formats, CPMs, etc..  In SELL, programmatic data is anonymized & aggregated daily across all our UK customers for the Top 5 SSPs:

Some Highlights from The Presentation

Applying this internal pool of data, Adomik reveals today exclusive insights into what the programmatic market looked like in 2018, to illustrate a marketplace that is under pressure with only some publishers emerging unscathed:

  • In 2018, publishers’ growth was between 5% and 15%, and for some publishers even lower. However, GAFA are capturing the growth, making it difficult for publishers to grow. The positive news is that among selected European publishers who developed a Header Bidding Strategy, the Cost per Impression (CPM) grew by 37%, showing that publishers are evolving in the right direction by unifying their programmatic auction.
  • In the programmatic market, one of the main drivers of growth is programmatic guaranteed. For selected international publishers who have started a dedicated strategy around programmatic guaranteed, the PG share of revenue has reached 22%, and the CPM is ten times higher than the Open Auction CPM. Another driver of growth is the increasing adoption of Server Side header bidding solution which now accounts for up to 25% of programmatic revenue for UK publishers and is expected grow further.
  • Google remains dominant even if Google Ads fell 2% from last year, sitting at 18% market share now. In fact, that market share was absorbed by Display and Video 360 – which reached 11.3% market share.


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