BENCHMARK Market Alerts for Publishers’ Sales Team

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Everyday, a batch of fresh alerts is provided in the Benchmark UI so publishers’ sales teams can act quickly on new business opportunities.
As a reminder, Benchmark is our exclusive advertising market index which allows you to monitor your programmatic demand activity, compare your business to the market and discover new opportunities to grow your advertising revenue.
Market Alerts help publishers to easily detect new programmatic campaign launches on the market and discover market activity.
An alert is triggered when the market revenue increases on a buyer / brand combination compared with the average past 6 days revenue. 
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Source: Adomik Benchmark – UK

In order to seize the opportunity

  • The alerts display the growth percentage of the campaign revenue in the market on the 7th day compared with the average revenue on the 6 days before.
  • The alerts also show in which “top…” the campaign belongs when it has peaked (top 5, top 10, top 20… campaigns in the market).

Publishers are able to check which transaction type is responsible for most the campaign growth (open auction, deal, preferred deal, programmatic guaranteed, first look).
The feature displays data interpretation tooltips next to the alerts so publishers can easily identify their own trend on the campaign scope.

How does this work?

Adomik processes publishers data across many markets and many SSPs and benchmarks individual publishers trends against anonymised and aggregated market data. Therefore, on each alert scope, publishers are able to compare their own trend versus the market:

  • “You are behind the market”: you don’t benefit from the market growth on the scope of the alert or you don’t have revenue coming from the buyer / brand. That’s a clear business opportunity.

Source: Adomik Benchmark – US

  • “You are on par with the market”: you have the same growth as the market on the buyer / brand couple. You’re good on that scope of demand! Keep on with the great efforts.

Source: Adomik Benchmark – France

  • “You are ahead of the market”: you are growing faster than the market on the buyer/brand couple or you don’t have the same growth but you remain ahead overall! Congratulations. You’re better than the market on the demand scope.

Sell Marrket Alerts - You are ahead of the market (Belgium)

Source: Adomik Benchmark – Belgium

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Market alerts are available in the following Benchmark programs : France, UK, Spain, US, Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
For more information about Benchmark and Market Alerts, please contact us by clicking below:

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Update: New! Adomik Market Alerts’ algorithm has been improved to better detect new, fast growing campaigns on the market! Find out more 

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