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Illuminate your sales and business decisions with the most accurate and comprehensive advertising market benchmarking index data

Are programmatic campaigns passing you by? Benchmark allows you to monitor your programmatic demand activity, compare your programmatic advertising sales to the market and discover new opportunities to grow your programmatic advertising revenue.

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Why Benchmark?

Adomik Benchmark - Stay ahead of the competition with our exclusive advertising market benchmarking index

Compare your programmatic advertising business to other publishers’ on demand spendings, CPM, deal activity, per media type, device, and creative size, etc.


Easily uncover programmatic buyers and brands that do not spend or underspend with you to better target your sales effort. Identify those who overspend with you and solidify the relationship with them


Make sure that your programmatic revenue and CPM are growing at the same pace as the market and identify the reasons why you might be lagging behind: missing demand, under-developed sales channel, etc.


Discover programmatic deal sales leads based on brands’ market activity, adjust your pricing strategy according to market data and pitch the right inventory package to the buyer


Act upon new budgets quicker than ever with Market Alerts that are triggered as soon as new programmatic campaigns kick off on the market


Be one step ahead of the market by knowing exactly what inventory programmatic buyers and brands are buying on the market to inform your sales strategy



Monitoring of all market active demand – buyers and brands – with SoV (Share of Voice) and CPM (Cost Per Mille)

Breakdown / filter on sales channels (open, deal, programmatic guaranteed, etc.), devices, sizes, media types, etc.

Market growth tracking on revenue and CPM

Granular benchmarking features to discover how you compare to the market (missing campaigns, deal SoV, CPM, Click Through Rate, View%, etc.)

Market alerts when a new campaign kicks off

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Discover which brands have been spending the most and understand how their spending has evolved compared to the previous month. Benchmark Newsletters are currently for the following markets: United States, United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Spain.

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"The Adomik team and platform have been great and are helping us immensely. The market reports on current trading and market conditions are really helpful and the information and insights are invaluable."

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Dominic Perkins
Digital Advertising Strategy Director
Immediate Media Co

Adomik Client- Tripadvisor - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

“The sales team was able to have access to information about spending trends with the rest of the market, providing true actionable insights…”


"Benchmark helps me sell new PD and PG because it enables me to not only find the most current deal types bought by top financial brands, but also which ad units and at what CPM levels. In return, my pre-emptive offers are more likely to get accepted by the programmatic media buyers."

Adomik Client - Media Figaro

"The Benchmark App allows us to benchmark our business performance with our competitors and to know for which programmatic campaigns we are behind the market and which we can hope to have incremental income."

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