We are thrilled to announce that one of the most popular Adomik Platform features, Market Alerts algorithm has been improved to better detect new, fast growing campaigns on the market! This improvement brings more relevant and more actionable insights and allows your sales teams to act upon new budgets quicker than ever!

So what’s new? 

  • The new market alert algorithm uses a long term condition that allows you to distinguish new campaigns or clear budget growth from simple spending variations
  • It only runs on buyer / brand data that can be leveraged by sales teams
  • You will be alerted on smaller but promising budgets because of their high market growth: you will now see alerts for top 150 – 200 campaigns, which will help your sales teams to act further ahead


Adomik Benchmark upgraded Market Alert Algorithm

To learn more about the upgraded Market Alert algorithm or Benchmark, feel free to reach out to us ! 


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