AUDIENCE SQUARE AND ADOMIK have strengthened their partnership by integrating Adomik for programmatic analytics and yield management.
Audience Squared, a french publisher co-op for premium publishers has entered into an agreement to offer Adomik’s enriched auction analytics functions at no extra cost to users of its ASQ BRAND technology suite.

By analyzing auction logs, Adomik allows publishers to improve understanding of buyer behavior and thus optimize their commercial offerings.
Already a partner to most of France’s premium programmatic publishers, the Audience Squared and Adomik combination has further strengthened the offering to deliver the most advanced yield management services to more than 130 sites.
According to Erwan Le Page, CEO of Audience Square: “The integration of Adomik and Audience Squared brings publishers a level of essential information to optimize their program offerings. This allows them, for example, to understand the reasons a buyer has lost bids to give them the opportunity to propose optimizations, via custom deals for example. This integration illustrates our strategy to constantly enhance the information provided by Audience Squares ASQ BRAND sales teams to our publisher partners.”
“This is a great partnership,” said Adomik’s CEO, Nicolas Schueller, “Audience Square is leading the charge to provide premium publishers with means to make the most of the programmatic opportunity. This partnership is perfectly aligned with Adomik’s goals to provide technology and services that deliver the understanding and the transparency that premium publishers now require.”
This offering comes at a critical time for premium publishers who must improve their understanding of programmatic sold inventory to manage yield more effectively in order to insure the future strength of an independent publisher ecosystem.
About Audience Square
Audience Square is a premium marketplace, funded by the biggest french media groups – Les Echos, Express Roularta, Libération, M6 Digital, Le Monde, NextRadioTV, Nouvel Observateur, Le Point, Prisma Média, CCM Benchmark and RTL Net – and composed by more than 100 websites to reach 30M UV per month.
Provided by Audience Square, ASQ BRAND is a technology suite that enables publishers to market their media brands in programmatic, whether by open auction or through deals. The integrated services of ASQ BRAND include the ability to monetize inventory seamlessly, measuring the visibility of the proposed formats and analyze buyers’ bidding strategies. ASQ BRAND supports all formats, including video and background on desktop, tablet and mobile.

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