We are happy to report that we are well represented at ExchangeWire’s  ATS Paris today!

Earlier today, our VP of Business Development, Benjamin Lanfry gave a quick overview of Adomik and our solutions. Feel free to reach out to him with any further questions or to see a demo of Adomik.

Later today, our CEO and Co-Founder, Nicholas Schueller will be speaking on a panel titled:

“Trader Talk LiveWhy Data and Technology Underpin the Evolution of Programmatic Buying and Selling”

Moderator: Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire
– Fabien Magalon, Managing Director, La Place Media
– Nicolas Schueller, CEO and co-founder, Adomik
– Mike Shaw, VP Media, comScore
– Erik Marie Bion, GM Advertising & Online France, Microsoft Advertising
– Karine Macarez, Sales Director for France, Magnetic

For more information about the ExchangeWire ATS Paris Agenda, click here
Please reach out during the networking sessions or submit your information below to see a demo. We look forward to hearing from you!

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