Get Actionable Insights and Spot Revenue Opportunities With Sales Opportunities 

Fuel your Sales team with automated Sales Opportunities for Deals.


Sales Opportunities BenchmarkAdomik is now offering Sales Opportunities, a weekly list of programmatic deal opportunities with information on the brand, CPM, and expected revenue. The opportunities are sent directly by email, so that each member of your Sales team can easily review them, discuss them in Sales meetings and take action.

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The opportunities are generated based on Adomik Benchmark programmatic market data. Benchmark is the Adomik programmatic market index, based on data aggregated daily across all our customers for multiple SSPs


Based on Adomik Benchmark data, an average of 30 to 40 top market brands that had stopped or strongly reduced their spendings on Deals in the past months restart their buying activity. To capture those flickering Deals, Publisher Sales teams have to make sure that they are always up-to-date with the most recent programmatic activity on the market and are fully informed on the programmatic sales opportunities.

Adomik’s Algorithm monitors the Benchmark market data and compares it to your Publisher monetization data to detect Deal opportunities. Adomik then produces a clear listing of these opportunities with detailed insights on brands, buyers, formats, revenue, and CPM, and shares it directly in your mailbox.



Adomik Sales Opportunities combine four different types of opportunities to guide your sales effort towards new deal budgets and growing campaigns:


Upcoming opportunity-Renewal: Highlights the biggest Deals that started a year ago on the market and for which you were successful at capturing more revenue than other Publishers. We Expect that deal to re-start this year. Upcoming opportunity-Renewal will remind you to renew this deal to have another successful year.

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Upcoming opportunities – New: Highlight the biggest Deals that started on the market a year ago and that you missed out on the opportunities at the time. We expect that Deal to restart again, reach out to the Buyer to attract more revenue than last year. Don’t let a good Deal pass again, now that you can see the upcoming deals!

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Open auction to deal upsells are campaigns that are increasing their spending with you on Open Auctions but are not spending on Deals whereas they are so on the market. Try to upsell from Open Auction to Deal in order to increase your CPM and secure the investment.

Adomik Benchmark Sales opportunities - OA to upsell


Growing campaigns are campaigns that are increasing their Deal spend on the market. However, you are behind other publishers in terms of revenue growth. Try to react quickly and address potential issues with the buyer to attract more spend.

Adomik Benchmark Sales opportunities - growing campaign


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Opportunities in BenchmarkAre programmatic campaigns passing you by? Benchmark allows you to monitor your demand activity, compare your business to the market and discover new opportunities to grow your revenue.




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