Adomik’s 5 golden rules of Header Bidding

Today, the Adomik team is pleased to present its “Hack your stack” event to discuss with publishers the hot topic of Header Bidding and its impact on the tech stack.
Wrappers, EBDA, supply path optimization (SPO), first-price, server-to-server … new acronyms, new buzz…so what does it all mean?
Together we’ll demystify this new monetization channel by sharing the best practices acquired over the last 18 months gleaned through data insights and our work with over 60 publishing partners globally.
Our program includes a panel with folks from AppNexus, Criteo, Index and Smart AdServer as well as a session about “The 5 golden rules of Header Bidding” with Jean François Bernard, our Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder.
It will be also an opportunity to share a drink with other publishers after the return from summer holidays.
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