Optimizing your deal revenue in 3 simple steps:

  1. Use Deal’s purpose-built deal views and alerts to easily spot all deal issues
  2. Access rich delivery insights on each deal to know what is going wrong
  3. Troubleshoot slow delivery deals and (re)start โ€œstuckโ€ deals to unblock incremental revenue

Up to 35% of deals can run into a delivery issue on a monthly basis, putting 20% of the deal revenue at risk. Using the Deal App to monitor the delivery of its deals, identifying delivery issues, and fixing them allows you to re-capture these 20%.*

*Based on Adomik analyses

As a publisher, you might have hundreds if not thousands of deals, spread across multiple SSPs, and there are many reasons why these deals could face delivery issues.ย 
Among others:
  • Deal setup issue on the buy-side or sell-side (missing creative, wrong Deal ID, bad targeting, bad creative tech specs, bad bidding strategy (bids too low) etc.),
  • Complexity on the Sell-side stack that prevents a deal from delivering at the committed/expected pace (deal conflict, priority, inventory not properly connected to the SSP or not available, etc.),
  • Technical issue (specifically on video with VAST constraints, latency issues…),
  • Performance issue (with low CTR, View%, VTR%… or high CPC, CPV, CPCV)ย 
As a result, it is very unlikely for a publisher to ensure that all deals are running properly, to identify the ones not doing so, or are at risk of not maximizing revenue, or to understand what is going wrong and fix the issue.
With the Deal App, you can solve the problem of deal delivery monitoring, issue identification and troubleshooting in one UI: comprehensive insights (setup, delivery, performance), automated classification of deals based on their delivery status, alerts to know when specific deals require immediate attention, powerful and easy-to-use UI to quickly identify โ€œdealsโ€ with an issue.
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