Defy Media is an innovative publisher that leads the market in the use of programmatic technology. The company lives by the principal that in digital media, market change equals opportunity. Management believes in investing in its team’s knowledge and tools to insure they are capable of capitalizing on change.

The Opportunity
In 2014, Defy recognized that to maximize their programmatic revenue, they needed to ‘match the market” — rapidly adjust its prices as the market rapidly changed. However, the identification of what pricing rules to use and write to the ad exchange wasn’t a timely or scaleable enough process for a small team. With existing technologies, once the team had identified optimizations and authored new rules, the market had already changed. It was clear to Defy that capturing the thousands of daily opportunities – that they knew existed within their SSP data – was not possible without a technology partner that was expert in the use of machine learning to identify and capture these opportunities at scale.
The Story
Long story short, by leveraging Defy Media’s trading data from their SSPs and Adomik’s automated price optimization and analytics, Defy achieved a rapid increase in overall RTB revenue of 20%.
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