We’re happy to announce that Adomik is now able to include Accelerated Mobile Page tags (AMP for mobile inventory) within our price optimization solution: Optimize/Price.
We already support inventory including Display, In-App and Video, but we can now add AMP inventory to the list!
Our Optimize/Price product will help you monetize this part of your inventory where there is less competition as fewer monetization partners are available for AMP tags.

About Optimize/Price

Based on machine learning algorithms and predictions of buy-side spending, Optimize/Price generates the best floor prices for Open Auction and rate card for programmatic direct, and continuously optimizes your yield over time.
Optimize/Price automates hundreds of price rules within Google Ad Manager based on optimal market conditions. Prices are adapted based on hourly fluctuations, placements, locations, buyers etc. All of this is available within an easy-to-use UI – the Adomik Platform – so you have full transparency on your revenue uplift and how it is calculated.
To activate Optimize/Price on your AMP tags, or to try Optimize/Price, please contact our sales team at sales@adomik.com or request a demo via the below button.

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