UK publishers joined our London breakfast in December 2018 to discuss challenges about #reporting during a panel with some of our UK clients, including Auto Trader UK.

We interviewed Richard Robinson, Head of Programmatic Sales at Auto Trader UK, to understand more about how they address in-housing and how many SSPs partners they work with. Below you can find the video and the full interview.
For the occasion, Jean-François Bernard, CPO at Adomik, presented an analysis of the state of the UK programmatic market that we wanted to share with you. Click below to download the full presentation.




Adomik: How many SSPs partners do you work with?
RICHARD ROBINSON: “Auto Trader UK has five or six different supply-side platforms that we use to understand what’s working in the programmatic market and through which we can understand where the best results and best performances is being achieved, what the best solution is for our clients, for our buyers, for our agencies and for also Auto Trader itself.”
Adomik: There is lot of discussion around in-housing currently. How are you addressing it?
RICHARD ROBINSON: “So Auto Trader has been a in-house client desk for the last three years, and we’ve seen a much faster and leaner marketing solution be available to us by our swapping in and out our programmatic solutions in the matter of hours or minutes rather than several days, when we usually used to utilize an agency.
As a seller, we now look and use the Adomik Platform to understand which buyers are buying from us, what the opportunity is, and how we should work as a platform with in-house desks to maximize the results, and work out who we should talk to, when we should talk to them, and what data they’re interested in, so that we can get the best performance from our inventory.”

The Adomik Breakfasts

Adomik breakfast is a meeting place for publishers who want to understand more about their stack. At our breakfasts we dive into the challenges about monetization. 
Adomik breakfast Panel

Adomik Breakfast Panel, December 4th 2018, London

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