French publishers joined our Paris breakfast in December 2018 to discuss challenges about data flow reconciliation during a panel with some of our French clients, including Team Media.
We interviewed Emilie Proyart, Head of Digital at TeamMedia, to understand more about how they use reconciliation of data flows to better control its advertising activity. Below you can find the video and the full interview.
For the occasion, Jean-François Bernard, CPO at Adomik, presented an analysis of the state of the French programmatic market that we wanted to share with you. Click below to download the full presentation.



Emilie Proyart, Head of Digital at TeamMedia, 7th 2018, Paris, France


Adomik: How is the reconciliation of data flows used by your different teams to better control advertising activity?

EMILY PROYART: “We have a data mart project, which will be live in January, it will allow us to industrialize our data flows within a dashboard tool. This will be used primarily by our digital revenue teams to help us understand in an operational sense how our partnerships and our programmatic deals are working, how are our direct sales doing? what is our revenue per page? This will help us better respond to the needs of our publishers who are constantly seeking to have more data. And to better understand how their site is made by making better decisions on inventory data, since this data mart includes inventory data.

Adomik: What is the next step for you to go further and what advice would you give to those who wish to move in the same direction?

EMILY PROYART: ” The biggest step will be to optimize this data mart, to make sure that we’re satisfied with all of our partners and income streams. Sometimes a partner does not have an API yet, or some do not give full transparency on their data. Then beyond what we put in the data mart, more precisely, there are programmatic projects. We launched Header Bidding with Le Parisien in September, and we will need to have a deeper understanding how Open Auction Deals, First Look and all these SSP we will integrate fit together. That’s the first step. Then in the future, to go further in our understanding, I will need some market data, as with Sell for example from Adomik, and other tools in the Adomik Platform, such as Manage which may be very important to help us understand the programmatic business.”

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Adomik Breakfast Panel, December 7th 2018, Paris

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