The Adomik platform has been designed to be used by multiple users within or outside your organisation. To enrich our platform flexibility, we’re happy to announce the launch of Custom Profile in the Adomik Platform! 
Profile creation will allow you to customize the Adomik Platform experience so that your team and your partners can see data only related to their use case and access only the information you want to share with them.
In a nutshell, our platform can now fit all types of organization and relations with all advertising ecosystem partners. 

What type of profiles?

  • Sales: Give sales people access to a simplified dashboard to focus on important metrics & KPIs of its own client accounts / vertical / geo
  • Publisher / Buyer: Give restricted access to a Buyer so that it can monitor their spend behaviours on the publisher account
  • Network / Publisher: Give restricted access to one of your Publisher partners to monitor their advertising revenue
  • Multiple internal teams: Give restricted access to distinct entities to manage different geo / channels (programmatic, PMP, direct, etc.) of the account
  • Management: Give top managers access to a simplified dashboard to monitor & focus on important metrics & KPIs

This is a limited list of custom profiles. you’ll be able to create and customize profiles / access according to your needs. 
Get in contact with a member of our team to schedule a demo and answer your questions by clicking below:

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