As we hope you know, we recently announced the launch of the new Adomik Platform powered by our Data Engine, and we’re happy to share with you our second product: Manage.

In today’s data-heavy ecosystem, publishers need to have a single source of truth of their advertising revenue – which is often housed within internal Financial, Business Intelligence or CRM Information Systems. Teams throughout an organization use these internal tools to run their entire business! However, consolidating and harmonizing so much incompatible data into one place is a great challenge!
Having fragmented data sets between multiple platforms, that don’t have the same data configurations between them makes getting a comprehensive view on advertising revenue a very daunting task. To make things even worse, this requires acquiring teams with specialized skills and a lot of internal investment in time and revenue to set up the proper data collection & processing infrastructure. Not only set up costs but ongoing maintenance and data quality assurance is a full-time job. Even with this in place, publishers often struggle to develop a harmonized data set that provides accurate and trustworthy information because imported data within their internal IS tools hasn’t been treated correctly.
However, with Adomik’s Manage, you’ll receive a customizable data feed that’s been enhanced with our Data Engine’s collection, normalization and mapping services to help you monitor and understand your advertising business to make better, data-driven decisions.
With Manage, you’ll receive :

  1. Automated and secure data collection process to ensure your data is available, accurate and protected
  2. Routine data refresh when advertising partners update their figures
  3. Data connectors troubleshooting and maintenance when data source APIs and queries tools upgrade
  4. Entirely customizable data extracts based on your desired metrics, dimensions, formats, currencies, and frequencies
  5. Revenue data calculated on the most relevant currency exchange rates
  6. Raw or mapped data extracts across your entire stack

What makes Manage unique is that the whole data collection and delivery process is customizable – based on your reporting needs. What we see most often is that many of our clients already have internal Business Intelligence and financial management tools and data lakes in which they’d like to see their (comprehensible) data.
What’s more, the setup process only takes a few days so you don’t waste time and energy on costly internal maintenance and upkeep. All you have to do is:

  1. Select your data sources
  2. Select your metrics, dimensions, and choose custom features & mappings if needed
  3. Choose the storage destination
  4. Choose the frequency, time period and format
  5. Access your data within your internal tools!

So why wait any longer? Get in touch with our Sales team today to hear more about Adomik by clicking on the button below:


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