Adomik is fully supporting the Exchange Bidding (EBtechnology in Report. It allows you to filter your advertising data aggregated per partner using the Google EB technology.
As a reminder, with Exchange Bidding, publishers and exchanges optimize yield management with server-to-server real-time bidding that uses a publisher’s existing tagging or SDK implementation.

What does this mean for you?

More accuracy!

This revamped integration allows Adomik to be completely accurate on your Google advertising data. If you choose for the all-at-once connector, you get rid of potential discrepancies that individual partners may have in their reporting.

And more partners available in your Reporting tool!

Now when you log into the Adomik Platform, you can breakdown revenue per even more partners than before: all partners using EB will now be displayed in your Report dashboard. 
You will find the EB integration under the ‘seat’ dimension:
EB screenshot-1
Source: Adomik Report

All other integrations will be found under the Integration type’ dimension, allowing you to carry out complex stack analysis, in a context where Google will be moving to first price auction.

There is more than one way to connect to SSP platforms for you to choose from:
  • Either connect to the EB partners all-at-once using the Adomik data connector – check the list of partners integrated via EB here.  
  • Or connect directly to each individual partner – check the Adomik-supported partners here.
  • Be aware that only 4 dimensions are visible via the EB all-at-once connection (Format, Device, Country, Adslot). We will have dimensions as soon as they become available with Google (Transaction Type coming soon).
  • If you wish to see more than the 4 EB dimensions above, choose direct connection to partners, and visualize the large range of dimensions in your Adomik unified reporting tool.

As a reminder, Report is the hub where your team congregates to monitor their advertising activity on a daily basis. It is the first cross-channel data aggregation tool that unifies all your advertising data into a single holistic dashboard. Powered by Adomik’s Data Engine, it automatically collects the advertising data from all of your monetization platforms and consolidates it into an all-in-one analytics and data aggregation tool. If you are not using Report yet, ask for a demo now!

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