As mentioned in our most recent article, the advertising industry has witnessed a gigantic shift over the past few years. Report seeks to resolve the complexity which has resulted from this evolution by responding to the following newfound problems:

  1. With the rise of programmatic in the advertising industry, publishers have found themselves with many more different monetization partners, buyers, brands, transaction types, media types and devices than ever before.
  2. As such, the average number of data sets that publishers have and their complexity have grown exponentially, and thus it takes much longer than ever before to collect and standardize this data, as well as track any issues involved. Moreover, data from different platforms is not compatible between them which makes processing the entirety of your data sets even more complex.
  3. Having so many different factors within your data that are incompatible means that having a comprehensive outlook on your whole business is extremely difficult, timely and costly.   
  4. Therefore, making well-informed, data-driven decisions about your business has multiple layers of complexity that must be overcome to succeed.

How can Report help?

Introducing Report, Adomik’s flagship product within the new Adomik Platform. Report is the hub where publisher teams congregate to monitor their advertising activity on a daily basis. Powered by Adomik’s Data Engine, Report automatically collects the advertising data from all of your monetization platforms and standardizes and consolidates it into an all-in-one analytics and data aggregation tool. 
This means that the data collection process is streamlined and simplified and the data you see is mapped – making it much easier to understand and report on. For example, with such mapped data, transactions made by the same buyer on different platforms are grouped under one name so that when you filter on a given buyer, you see one – instead of many different entries in the chart. Not only can you get a holistic view, but you can also stay within one platform to access each of your SSPs’ data, instead of interchanging throughout multiple interfaces.
Within the tool you can filter your searches with a number of different dimensions so that you can target just the right information you’d like to analyze. If you’d like to go even further in your searches, the Adomik Technical Account Management team can even set up customized dimensions to fit the tool just to your needs. What’s more, in Report you’ll get all of the most recent information about buyer and brand activity and pricing so you can adjust your offering to match market trends.


Who’s it for?

So you might be saying, well this all sounds great, but is this product for me? Well, Report can be used by all members of publisher teams. Here are just a couple of examples of how multiple profiles will find use in just one tool:

  • Finance: finally get data that cleaned up and easy to report on and understand with currencies standardization. Get real revenue data for internal meetings and projections.
  • Yield: Get a glimpse at how the buy-side is reacting to your pricing and optimize revenue by adjusting your strategy.
  • Sales: Prepare sales meetings by getting a 360 degree view of how a buyer spends with you
  • Operations: Gain insight on which technical stack to use as well as monitor which SSPs are performing well, and which aren’t. Moreover, monitor the health of your PMPs.
  • Management: Use data to ensure you’re making the right strategic decisions.

What makes our data reporting tool different from the others?

So now that you understand how it’s used, let’s dive in to some features that set Report apart:

  • Normalized and standardized data makes internal reporting much simpler – this means that the data is in net revenue (as opposed to gross), it is recategorized to be consistent throughout the platform and compatible among them, and converted to the right user currency.
  • All your different advertising data in one place: Direct, Header, Native, Guaranteed, PMP, Search, Programmatic reporting
  • Data is mapped so that when one brand buys via several different channels, their spend appears under one name.
  • Year-on-year advertising report comparisons, since Report has up to a 24-month history
  • Granular filter dimensions: Revenue, impressions, CPM, CTR, PMP, formats, devices, and brands
  • Customized data structure and visualization – add custom dimensions such as agency or sales team member
  • Visualize your data comparisons by ranking by highest revenue growth, greatest revenue loss and by detecting brands or deals that have stopped spending
  • Simple and rapid setup – be live in 4 days!



Convinced? I thought so! Click on the button below to setup a demo of Report today!


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