The Buyer Holding dimension allows you to filter your advertising data aggregated, per agency of a large buyer corporation.

Now when you log into the Adomik Platform, you can breakdown revenue per sub-agency, a way of reporting advertising activities closer to your own internal organization.

  • Have a macro/micro view of your business per buyer.
  • Track objectives per agency
  • Have a wider view of your business, reflecting the way your teams are organized
buyer holding dimension in report

Buyer Holding dimension in Report

As a reminder, Report is the hub where your team congregates to monitor their advertising activity on a daily basis. It is the first cross-channel data aggregation tool that unifies all your advertising data into a single holistic dashboard. Powered by Adomik’s Data Engine, it automatically collects the advertising data from all of your monetization platforms and consolidates it into an all-in-one analytics and data aggregation tool.  If you are not using Report yet, ask for a demo now ! 

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