French publishers joined our Paris breakfast in December 2018 to discuss challenges about data flow reconciliation during a panel with some of our French clients, including MEDIA.figaro.  For the occasion, Jean-François Bernard, CPO at Adomik, presented an analysis of the state of the French programmatic market which you can download here.
We interviewed Edouard Brunet, Programmatic and Revenue Manager at MEDIA.figaro, to understand more about how they built a data reconciliation system and how they use Adomik Benchmark. Benchmark is our revamped exclusive advertising market index and benchmarking tool, that includes some new features such as Market Alerts, tailored to your success.

Below you can find the video and the full interview.


Edouard Brunet, Programmatic and Revenue Manager at MEDIA.figaro, 7th 2018, Paris, France


Adomik: What were the main challenges and difficulties in building and maintaining a data reconciliation system?

EDOUARD BRUNET: “The main challenge to build our reconciliation was obviously the multiplicity of sources. How to make sense of things that come from different systems, both with programmatic, and with direct sales. This is our main challenge. And maintaining mapping with new advertisers who show up every day. The basis of mapping which requires constant maintenance is huge and very difficult.”

Adomik: How much time and resources did it actually take you to do?
EDOUARD BRUNET: ” We started this project, data lake and data reconciliation, about 2 years ago. For about a year now, four – five people have been working full-time to complete the final project, which allows us to reconcile all of our Direct sales with our Programmatic sales.”

Adomik: How do you use the Adomik Platform?
EDOUARD BRUNET: “With Adomik today we work with MarketWatch, which allows us to benchmark our market position with our competitors and to know for which buyers or formats we are behind the market and which we can hope to have incremental income.”

The Adomik Breakfasts

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Adomik Breakfast Panel, December 7th 2018, Paris

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