Now generally available, Adomik UNIFY gives publishers the ability to view and manage programmatic stack holistically

Adomik just announced the launch of UNIFY, promising to solve some of the biggest headaches facing publishers today. With UNIFY:

  • Publishers can focus on monetization with a clear, aggregated view of all partners, enabling them to spot opportunities, issues and optimizations never seen before for pricing, deals, & allocation. Gone are the days of multiple log-ins and siloed data, Adomik gives its users a single interface from which to manage yield holistically.
  • Publishers can finally troubleshoot and identify header bidding discrepancy issues and understand and maximize header bidding partnerships that contribute the most while minimizing the partners that contribute the least or add the most latency. While the advent of header bidding has been a boon for publishers, it’s also come with it’s own set of opacity challenges which Adomik solves.
  • UNIFY’s MarketWatch empowers publishers to benchmark the success of their programmatic sales to the market. Publishers can quickly and intuitively compare revenue growth, pricing, share of wallet from key buyers, and PMP business metrics. Adomik’s programmatic reporting on the market can also identify where a publisher is overperforming or underperforming against buyers in the market and identify buyers missing from their demand ecosystem.

And it works….beginning in October 2016, a major premium publisher began using a beta version of Adomik UNIFY to look across the stack to understand revenue reporting, CPMs, fill volume and deeper insights about buyers, brands, formats, geos and sites. Before UNIFY, this publisher was faced with siloed data from multiple monetization partners across their stack, forcing them to log into each partner’s interface, extract and map data with varying degrees of standardization, analyze this information and make critical business decisions. This tedious process of ‘shaping’ the data for decision making meant fewer decisions took more time. To read the full case study, click here
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