New dimensions in BENCHMARK: Media Types, PG, PD, Bidders

About Benchmark

Benchmark is our exclusive advertising market index that allows publishers to monitor their programmatic demand activity, compare their business to the market and discover new opportunities to grow their advertising revenue. Adomik Sell is available in the US, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Italy, and Japan.
Benchmark allows you to:

  • Uncover prospects who underspend with you
  • Consolidate relationships with clients who overspend with you
  • Discover new PMP sales leads and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly

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New Dimensions

Transaction Types: Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals

Source: Adomik Benchmark – UK
The Benchmark tools now include GAM-DFP programmatic guaranteed and preferred deal data in the US, French, UK, Spanish, and Dutch programs. Now, you can: 

  • Analyze the weight of each of those transaction types into the market revenue and their growth through time. You can track if investments are increasing in programmatic guaranteed and preferred deals compared with other transaction types (open auction, deals …).
  • Monitor which brands are transacting through those sales channels, which programmatic buyers are bidding for them and their average market CPMs
  • Combine PG and PD dimensions with all the other dimensions available in Benchmark, and slice your spent by brands, buyers, formats, devices … and also by media types

Media Types

Media Types
Source: Adomik Benchmark – UK
Benchmark has opened a window to video inventory. Because CPMs and demand can be very different between display and video, the Sell tools now include the Media Types dimension in all geo programs. The media type dimension is compatible with all the other dimensions present in Sell.

Benchmarking use cases

You can now compare your revenue against the market share of revenue for each media types. You can also:

  • Focus on display or video to identify deal opportunities and market prices 
  • Dive deeper into instream data to monitor high-value campaign opportunities and CPMs
  • Monitor the market spent and growth in native advertising, classic display or audio …

Inventory development use cases

  • Identify the opportunity cost of not offering Video or Native inventory by looking at their share of voice in the market
  • When investing on Video or Native, Benchmark can help you identify demand interested into those media types and encourage spent on their properties by offering the correct and fair price 


Source: Adomik Benchmark – UK
Benchmark now includes the bidder dimension so you can:

  • Monitor the market revenue by DSPs
  • Analyze drops of DSP spent on their inventory vs. their overall market activity
  • Slice the market revenue by bidders or breakdown the bidder dimension by Partners to identify winning combinations

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