2 months after the Google migration to 1st Price: Read about Adomik observations.

Adomik, 27th November 2019

The migration to 1st price is now well behind us, so it is time to conduct an assessment on a longer time span than in our previous blog articles dated October 10th and September 23rd.

Please note two significant events in the recent past, they can explain important changes in the market:

  • The move to 1st price by Ad Manager
  • The implementation of the Unified Pricing Rules (UPR) at scale

We focussed on “structural” changes rather than on the evolution of specific Publishers. Still, with UPR, some Publishers have significantly changed their pricing setup and how Header Bidding or Open Bidding (the former Exchange Bidding or EBDA) competes with Authorized Buyers (GAM’s programmatic activity, former Google AdX). 


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