Rely on Adomik True Buyers to identify the real Agencies & Trading Desks buying programmatically from you, and empower your Sales team to manage the relationship with them.


Adomik identifies programmatic buyers and enhances its robust and automated identification of agencies across all SSPs



How the identity of buyers gets lost across the supply chain


Programmatic Advertising makes it difficult to identify the real identity of buyers. The activity of Sales teams has become more complex because of this issue.

Adomik already provides a mapping solution to unify the naming of buyers across all SSPs and provide a reporting to Sales reporting with “reconciled” buyer names. Still, in many situations, SSPs are not able to provide the right information about the real identity of buyers behind the programmatic transactions.

Every agency seat is identified by a unique “DSP ID – DSP seat ID” couple. Yet the actual identity of a buyer is not always known. The owner of a seat might not be the actual buyer, or there might be legal or technical constraints on sharing the identity of the buyer. 

“DSP ID – DSP seat ID” couples are passed through the supply chain, but SSPs might not report on them or they might not have any information on who a DSP Seat ID belongs to or who the actual buyer is.

Thus, 30%+ of the market spend is not related to a clear buyer.


“True buyers” to identify the real buyers and fully empower sales teams


When the buyer name is available at the SSP level, Adomik applies a direct mapping based on a proprietary algorithm that “recognizes” the buyer name.
Adomik True Buyer agencies

When a DSP seat is “owned” by a brand, Adomik identifies the buyer based on existing Buyer/Brand relationships on the market.

When only a DSP seat ID is available at the SSP level, with no name, the Adomik True Buyer algorithm  researches which buyer owns the seat ID in order to display a proper buyer name.

When no buyer information is available, the Adomik True Buyer algorithm identifies the DSP & Brands that are part of a transaction, and can then determine the buyer’s identity based on a Buyer’s existing “DSP roster” and buyer/brand relationships on the market. In other words, the algorithm processes the agency/brand pairing signals on market data and uses those signals to assign the spend to the real buyers.

Adomik True Buyers provides Publishers with regular and accurate buyer names that are consistent with “real-life media buying” activities.


How does it work?


Our team developed an algorithm that automates the identification of agency scopes. This algorithm embeds human market intelligence to add extra accuracy.

The True Buyer insights are market-based, meaning that the agency information is local to a given country. 

Adomik’s existing Buyer Mapping has been improved to better reflect the reality of the agency market. 

Moving from Adomik “Buyers” to “True Buyers” is about moving away from the data language of the programmatic supply chain to our “real world” business language.


  • True Buyers is a fully managed service, always up-to-date with new business changes (new agency DSP seat, brand moving from one agency to another, etc.).


  • True Buyers leverages the bidder, buyer, and brand signals by country, combined with market intelligence on business relationships between these three demand “layers.”


  • True Buyers allows reaching Reporting discrepancies below 10% on Open auction between the revenue seen by Publishers and the spend reported by Buyers, starting from >40% with Publishers’ internal reporting.


Adomik True buyer



True Buyers availability


True Buyers is available from the Report and Benchmark apps as a complement to current buyer insights. True Buyers is currently available in the French and Dutch markets; about to be for the US and UK Markets, and is progressively being deployed across other countries, so stay tuned!


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