We are excited to announce the release of Adomic Yield App🎉

Adomik Yield will help maximize your open auction revenue.

The new App is dedicated to all publishers’ yield and ad operations teams… Adomik Yield enables you as a publisher to maximize your open auction revenue with dynamic optimization of your header bidding setup and advertising stack.

New! Adomik Yield 📈 : Maximize your Open auction revenue with programmatic advertising activity

As a publisher you receive automated recommendations powered by machine learning. With an estimated lift on your revenue. Allowing you to optimize the set of Prebid bidders, time-out settings, user ID modules, etc. per environment – such as Desktop Web, Mobile Web, In-App-, per audience type such as cookie or cookieless.

You can also easily launch A/B tests, to test any change to your prebid setup, before implementation, and assess the holistic impact on revenue.

Yield App offers fully transparent prebid data analytics in a user-friendly UI. With unified dashboards across Prebid revenue, bid-level prebid activity, and audience analytics data. Allowing you to analyze latency or the granular evolution of the bidding patterns of your bidder, and troubleshoot all hidden issues negatively affecting your revenue.

Optimize your prebid setup to ensure revenue monetisation, analyze the behavior of header bidders, detect and troubleshoot issues in the header, and  test all your yield strategies before implementation.”

Publishers using Adomik Yield will benefit from:

    • Improved site latency and user experience for growing their traffic

Troubleshooting of the technical issues affecting their prebid setup

• Implementation of the optimal combination of bidders, ID modules, number of ad slots, client vs. server-side bidder activations, and other optimization settings for Web, Mobile, and Video environments

Optimization of Open auction revenue

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