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Issue Detection & Troubleshooting Use Cases

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Troubleshoot deals/PMP & Open Auctionsad programmatic issues to unlock new revenue flows

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Rely on powerful advertising data and insights to make better yield management decisions

Issue Detection and Optimization Use Cases

Access fully transparent prebid data analytics to troubleshoot all hidden issues negatively affecting your revenue


Access a unified analytics dashboard across your prebid revenue, bid-level prebid activity, and audience analytics data


Analyze the granular evolution of the bidding patterns of your bidders, the monetization of your users (revenue per user, per session), latency, etc. to define troubleshooting actions


Easily follow the effects of those actions to ensure full recovery

App Used: Yield

Troubleshoot your deals/PMP armed with detailed issue insights


Use the DEAL App‘s purpose-built views and alerts to easily spot all deal/Private Marketplace (PMP) ad programmatic issues


Access rich delivery insights on each deal/PMP to know what is going wrong


Troubleshoot slow delivery deals and (re)start “stuck” deals to unblock incremental advertising revenue

App Used: Deal

Detect and resolve the issues that prevent buyers from spending more


Detect when your key buyers are decreasing their spend with REPORT cross stack reporting; detect buyers that have a high loss rate in TROUBLESHOOT


Filter on those buyers in TROUBLESHOOT to understand the reasons behind the decreasing revenue: priority management, bidding issue, ad quality settings, etc.


Fix the programmatic issue directly or share your insights with the buyers to increase their advertising spend

Monitor your stack set-up and improve your fill rate and RPM


Identify all scopes of inventory having a low fill rate/Revenue Per Mille (RPM) with REPORT comparative tables


Detect sudden drops of fill rate/RPM from the SSP down to the placement level


Get actionable insights with TROUBLESHOOT “unsold auctions” widget to resolve the programmatic issue

App Used: Troubleshoot

App Used: Report

Manage your ad quality settings and their ad revenue impact


Know how much money you are losing because of your ad quality settings with TROUBLESHOOT “blocklist” bid insights


Identify the revenue opportunity behind each programmatic campaign that you block


Adapt your ad quality settings to unlock new advertising revenue streams

App Used: Troubleshoot

With the new Adomik platform, we were able to merge all of our SSPs’ reporting data into one single tool... By combining demand-side, sell-side and custom dimensions across our entire stack, the platform allows us to detect monetization opportunities to increase our display revenue.

Fabian Schmitt
Team Lead Yield Operations
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