Monitor your Prebid performance

Monitor header activity with high-level auction metrics broken down per partner: CPM, Revenue, Volume, RPM and Fill rate.

Troubleshoot your Prebid partners

Analyze your partners’ bid behavior using the Header Activity table. Detect which partners are underperforming and why, identify your top partners.

Optimize your Prebid timeout

With Timeout Simulation, quantify the impact of your timeout settings on your overall revenue and make sure each partner can access your inventory: participation rate, win rate, CPM and response time. Adapt your setup accordingly to ensure response time is optimal for each partner.

Simulate Uplift in Prebid

Please note that we can help you with uplift simulation in Prebid, via our Professional services offering. Our team of experts will address your custom needs, such as analyses of auction mechanics, user frequency, distribution, impact on buyers’ bidding behavior, packaging, as well as detection of revenue opportunities to help you build your sales strategy. Contact us for more information on our consulting and customized services.
Adomik Header is an analytics tool allowing you to monitor your Prebid activity and your header-bidding partner’s behavior in a customizable and user-friendly interface. Header can be combined to Report for a full vision on your advertising activities.

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