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Adomik’s team of monetization experts and data scientists will help you dig deeper into your market, stack and yield analytics.

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Custom Use Cases 

Adomik’s Professional Services team comprises monetization experts, solution engineers, data analysts, and data scientists who deliver state-of-the-art custom data analysis works. Rely on their expertise to address complex data analysis challenges.

Yield Analytics

  • Ratecard update
    (Private Marketplace [PMP] and guaranteed campaigns)
  • Floor strategy revamp
  • Opportunity cost of “preferred” deal strategy


Your Issue

You noticed that you make little revenue on a number of ad slots and want to revisit your floors.

Our Action

We analyze bid distribution on the placement to understand bid clustering.
We carry out simulations of different floors on open auction bids to identify the optimal floor.

What We Deliver

  • Bid distribution, Floor simulation
  • Optimal floor value with revenue and Cost Per Mille (CPM) associated with this new floor

Market Intelligence

  • Demand drop diagnosis against market data
  • Custom market index to benchmark against publishers’ peers


Your Issue

You have noticed a drop in DV360’s bidder spends in the past months and need to understand why and how to contain the drop.

Our Action

We analyze your seller and market data over the past 6 months, including breakdown per transaction type, breakdown per supply-side platform (SSP), and comparison with other markets.

What We Deliver

  • An evolution of the bidder spends across transaction types and SSPs
  • Insight on evolution in other markets and our recommendations

Stack Management

  • Monitoring of “demand migration” following a change of ad server
  • Data-driven recommendations for new monetization partners to implement in the stack
  • Optimization of header bidding line item setup to maximize revenue


Your Issue

You are launching a request for proposal (RFP) to choose a new full stack (Ad Server migration) solution for your advertising business. You are looking for an unbiased third party to help you make strategic decisions.

Our Action

We analyze market data to detect top (and unique) buyers on each platform.
We assess the demand opportunity on each platform (auction mechanisms, sales channels, formats, etc.).

What We Deliver

  • A comparison grid between each platform
  • Revenue opportunities associated with each platform

Data Organization

  • Data mapping to track the impact of user privacy regulations (General Data Protection Regulation [GDPR], etc.)
  • Programmatic data classification based on verticals


Your Issue

You want to reconcile your print and digital advertiser revenue using your own advertiser naming convention based on what exists in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or billing system.

Our Action

We match your unique advertiser naming convention with all your monetization data sources using our mapping algorithm.

What We Deliver

  • A file with a list of advertiser names based on your naming convention across all monetization platforms
  • Advertiser insights in our Report App based on your naming convention



Professional Services also offers client studies – customised studies that you can request based on your own business challenges. Examples of our projects include:

COVID-19 Context Analysis

We conducted an income analysis for the year 2020 with regard to the COVID-19 context, also showing how income would have grown over the past 12 months without the COVID-19 effect.

Here is an example of what we provided our clients with after studying their incomes:

COVID 19 Context Analysis - Simulation of client's monthly income without Covid-19 in 2020

Source: Adomik Platform

  • A simulation of the 2019/2020 annual market evolution without COVID-19 in their activity sector
  • The COVID-19 effect: the difference between the actual monthly market change per month versus the annual market prediction
  • The simulated versus real change in their monthly income after deducting the COVID-19 effect
  • An estimate of the difference between their actual income and income without COVID-19 in 2020
SSP Migration

We also carried out a simulation of client’s revenue during the migration of their advertising inventory to an SSP and helped analyze data. Are you planning to migrate your stack to an SSP? How would this migration impact your advertising revenue?

Here is an example of what we have delivered to our clients after studying the effect of changing to an SSP:

  • Monthly comparative analysis of two-year CPMs and the effect of long-term migration
  • Comparison of the evolution of the relevant overall market and of their sector of activity compared to their revenue perimeter
  • Identification of growth and profit levers by media, sales channels, formats, devices, and transaction types
  • Analysis of the effect of changing to an SSP via variations in demand by bidder
SSP Migration - Weight change of each transaction type after migration

Source: Adomik Platform

Professional Services

Here is a non-exhaustive list of subjects we will cover:

Assessing the opportunity cost of renewing guaranteed campaigns,
Identifying key buyers and market trends

Locating the cause of revenue drop and troubleshooting of lost opportunities

Advising on floor optimization and optimal floor setup in first price auction, waterfall context, etc.

Analyzing auction mechanisms and user frequency (distribution, impact on buyers’ bidding behavior, packaging)

Training new members of your team

Monitoring new campaign opportunities,
Offering custom market analysis and benchmark with recommendations

Developing a custom, consolidated dashboard with your requested metrics and data extracts

Detecting revenue opportunities to help you build your sales strategy and make better decisions

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