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Pro Service Custom Use Cases 

You may request Professional Support Services not included in the standard offerings for consulting/advice,
software development, training, deliverables, or development activities.
Our team of experts will address your stack, yield, market custom needs.


  • Ratecard strategy
    (PMP & guaranteed campaigns)
  • Optimal floor / Floor efficiency
  • Opportunity cost

Your Issue

You noticed that lots of bids on one placement are being disqualified because of your floor, where 94% of the bids are blocked and CPM is reaching $13,71

Our Actions
We analyse bid distribution on the placement, to understand bid clustering

We carry out simulations of different floors on open auction bids to find the optimal floor

What we Deliver
Bid distribution, Floor simulation

Optimal floor value with revenue and CPM associated with this new floor


  • Demand analysis
  • Market Trend

Your Issue

You have noticed a drop in DV360’s bidder spends since a couple of months; you need to understand why and how to contain the drop.

Our Action
We analyse Seller and Market Data over the past 6 months : breakdown per transaction type, breakdown per SSP, comparison with others markets

What we Deliver
An evolution of the bidder spends across transaction types

An Evolution of th ebidder spends across SSP’s
Insight on evolution on other markets and our adjustments recommendation


  • Migration monitoring (First Price, Adserver)
  • Header Bidding setup

Your Issue

You are doing an RFP to choose a new full stack (Adserver migration) solution for your advertising business. You are looking for a third and unbiased party to help you make strategic decisions

Our Action
We analyse market data to detect top (+ unique) buyers on each platform

We take snapshot of opportunities on each platform (auctions mechanisms, sales channels, formats, etc)

What we Deliver
A Comparison grid between each solution offering

Revenue opportunities associated with each solution

Pro Services


Here is a non exhaustive list of subjects we will cover:

Opportunity cost of renewing guaranteed campaigns

Understand key buyer and market trends

Assess cost and losses, identify cause of revenue drop and troubleshooting of lost opportunities

Advice on floor optimization and optimal floor setup, in First price auction, waterfall context etc.

Analyses of auction mechanics, user frequency (distribution, impact on buyers’ bidding behavior, packaging)

Training of new members in your team

Monitor new campaign opportunities

Custom market analysis and benchmark, with recommendations

Custom consolidated dashboard with your requested metrics, data extracts

Detection of revenue opportunities to help you build your sales strategy

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Smart Advertising Analytics to turn insights into advertising revenue

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