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Maximize your Open Auction revenue

Open Auction market demand has grown incredibly complex. While it evolves on a constant basis due to seasonality, some buyers now rely on more sophisticated algorithms to adjust their bids in real time to get your inventory at the cheapest price : a process called “bid shading”. However, these changes make it difficult to know what floor prices to implement. Adomik Price leverages machine learning to identify the best price points to protect the value of your inventory and maximize your programmatic revenue.

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Why Price?

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Automated floor price recommendations powered by machine learning on:
✓ Demand seasonality
✓ Bidder bid shading tactics (differentiating typologies of buyers based on their tactic, etc.)
✓ Success / failures of your past floor changes in terms of the impact that they had on your open auction and header bidding revenue


Incremental programmatic revenuemeasurement after each floor change based on the granulart analysis of how buyers evolve their bids at the campaign level


Improve the level of control over the Open Auction pricing strategy

Make sure that floor prices are aligned with market demand

Mitigate the risk of bid shading that could lead to a decrease of CPM and programmatic revenue in the long run

Accurately measure the success of the yield management strategy, whether it follows Adomik recommendations or not

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