Adomik Data Connectors


Adomik Data Connectors allow to collect accurately and efficiently the advertising data from all types of monetization partners: Ad Server, SSPs, Header partners, Content discovery platforms, etc.

Data Connectors support API, query tool, FTP, or email scheduled reports. They can be activated on-demand and are constantly monitored by the Adomik team.

You can search through this data connector list to find your favourite monetisation partners.


Adomik Wizard connector


However, if you don’t see the ad data connector, SSP, header bidding partner you are using, well don’t worry : the Adomik Wizard connector is what you want!

It will plug your missing partners to our Data Engine, providing a 100% stack coverage.

Indeed, the Wizard connector acts as a gateway to plug your missing advertising partners to Adomik Data Engine, even the minor ones.

This means providing a 100% coverage of publishers’ stack, and that the wizard connector allows publishers to have a 360° view with their reporting, as we can collect data and map from all your connectors, even the minor ones.


How does it work?

Here is a 3-step process to plug your monetization partners:

1. Partner eligibility

Your monetization partners will be compliant if: 

  • They can provide daily CSV reports 
  • Their reports include at least revenue & impression metrics
  • They can schedule a daily CSV/Excel file delivery to our dedicated email address

2. Template validation

For each partner, a template report has to be sent to our team: its compliance will be validated.

3. Onboarding

The Adomik team will take care of your onboarding by setting up the connector according to what was agreed during the template validation. A written process will be shared with you in order to specify how to schedule the emails.

For more information, please contact us!

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