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Smart Advertising Data Analytics

We deliver smart advertising data analytics to turn insights into programmatic advertising revenue

Adomik develops a digital advertising analytics SaaS platform for Publishers. Publishers leverage Adomik data-driven insights and recommendations to manage and optimize their ad programmatic revenue for thousands of Sites and Apps across the open web.

What we do


Grow your programmatic advertising revenue 

Our objective is to resolve the growing complexity of managing digital advertising for all teams in Publisher organizations, allowing them to improve their business performance via advertising data and grow their programmatic advertising revenue seamlessly.

The Adomik Platform has been designed to bring transparency into the programmatic ecosystem which has become increasingly fragmented over the years. Adomik has a clear focus on action-oriented data, tools, and services, to improve market liquidity and streamline the flow of revenue from Buyers to Publishers.

To do so, we  collect the advertising data from all the advertising monetization sources of Publishers, including ad servers, supply-side platforms (SSPs) and header bidding partners and transform it to deliver insights and recommendations. Our digital advertising analytics platform makes these insights available directly to the data cloud and data solutions of Publishers, or alternatively to self-service Apps that address recurring issues of programmatic advertising management: reporting, market benchmarking, deal / PMP management, troubleshooting, etc. Publishers who use Adomik rely on the best-in-class solution to deliver actionable data to their teams and make  their programmatic advertising revenue thrive.

The Adomik Platform activation is seamless and immediate, with no need from Publisher teams to launch complex and time-consuming projects. Adomik provides multiple levels of service on top of its Platform, from a self-service help desk to expert solution engineering, to make sure that Publishers make the most from the insights & recommendations.

Located in Paris and New York, we work with top publishers in more than 20 markets.

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Our Values

Here at Adomik we strive to be the very best we can. We want our employees to feel good, enjoy the work and life as an Adomiker!
These five values embody how we seek to accomplish our work everyday. 

Adomik values - about Adomik

How we started

Our Story 

It all started in 2012 when Jean François Bernard, Adomik Chief Product Officer, and Nicolas Schueller, Adomik Chief Executive Officer, joined forces to found Adomik. At the time, they were working in advertising at a large publisher company. They had one thing in common: they shared a passion and vision to tackle the growing complexity of managing digital advertising.

They were aware that plenty of programmatic advertising data was at their fingertips to make a rational decision. They transformed their vision into a company with determination: thus Adomik was created.

Today, Adomik has a worldwide presence in more than 20 markets, gaining trust from industry leaders such as
Microsoft, eBay, Rakuten, Cox Automotive and TripAdvisor.

Working at Adomik 

At Adomik, we’re “people” persons. We value working in a diverse environment and treasure interaction with our colleagues. Our headquarters are located in Paris but many of us enjoy working remotely.

We’re explorers, foodies, musicians, innovators, gamers, DJs, backpackers, readers, trivia lovers, friends, dreamers, experts, lousy foosball players, parents… Adomikers!

Our technologies

We use scalable architecture based on Spark, Scala, Python, React, Ruby, ElasticSearch, Redis, Docker and more. Our Smart Advertising Analytics platform ingest over 5 terabytes of advertising data on a daily basis, store it via Amazon Web Services and build advertising analytics tools upon it. We also leverage advanced machine-learning technologies for our AI-based tools.

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