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Adomik data-driven advertising platform allows Publishers to leverage Adomik data-driven insights and recommendations, and thus manage and optimize their programmatic ad revenue: find out more through the world’s most trusted Adtech newspapers and media articles below.


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Adtech News in English

PMP trends in the UK Adomik

PMP Trends in the UK

ExchangeWire– By ExchangeWire Press Box, News. October 13th, 2021

adomik adexchanger adtech news

AdExchanger Politics: The Coronavirus Factor

AdExchanger – by James Hercher. March 18th, 2020

adomik adexchanger adtech news

Google’s move to First-Price Auctions will likely put a dent in Header Bidding

AdExchanger – by Jean-François Bernard (CPO & Co-Founder at Adomik). May 1st, 2019

Adtech News in French

CB news Adomik adtech news

Reporting: GroupM joue la Transparence avec Adomik

CB NEWS – Thierry Wojciak. September 14th, 2021

CBnews Adomik adtech news

Un marché du programmatique 2020 en baisse

CB NEWS – Thierry Wojciak. February 7th, 2021

JDN ADOMIK Adtech News

Le lent déconfinement du marché display programmatique

JDN – By Nicolas Jaimes. June 10th, 2020

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Adtech News in Italien

Adtech News in German adtech news

Das wöchentliche Update für Online-Werber – Ingrid Schutzmann . November 9th, 2018

Adtech News in Japanese