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Data Export

Your advertising data, accurate, reliable and harmonized, into your own data management tools

Do you want to rely on your own tools and infrastructure for leveraging your data and powering your internal use cases? Adomik Data Export delivers a fully unified, customized, accurate, and ready-to-consume advertising data feed that covers direct and programmatic directly to your cloud applications, when and how often you want it. Remove the hassle of collecting data from your ad servers, supply-side platforms and header-bidding partners; forget about the engineering burden of maintenance of reporting APIs and data harmonization; and focus exclusively on extracting value from your data.

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Why Data Export?

Bi tools - Your programmatic advertising data, reliable and harmonized, where you need it

Internal reporting / business intelligence: Feed your internal Data Viz solutions with your normalized revenue data and / or market data and make it available to your entire advertising organization through your regular tools and workflows.


“Revenue + Audience” dashboarding: Merge your revenue data with your audience data to calculate ARPU metrics and  build a comprehensive business  management dashboard.


Holistic revenue monitoring: Aggregate your cleaned-up digital  advertising revenue with other revenue sources (subscription,  print advertising, etc.).


Client / Sales pipeline management : Upload revenue / market data into your CRM, at the client level (agency, trading desk, etc.) for enhanced account management or to feed your sales pipeline.


Advertising strategy design: Make market data available to your business analysts to inform your advertising  strategy (pricing, sales targets, etc.).


Financial data workflows: Supply accurate and granular  revenue data into your finance back-office that is ready for billing, sales  compensation calculations, or even financial audits.

Adomik Data Export - Example - Sample Image Your programmatic advertising data, reliable and harmonized, where you need it

How it works

Leverage your data in 5 simple steps

1. Select your data scopeYour cross-stack unified revenue data, direct and / or programmatic

Your programmatic auction bid data

Programmatic market index data

2. Define the content of  your feed with your choice of data points from a comprehensive set (revenue, fill rate, CTR, view%, buyers & brands, website & apps , media type, creative size, deal IDs, custom key valuesand much more), plus mapping options and time period.

3. Schedule the frequency of the export 
Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly

4. Specify your data storage repository

5. Receive your exported  data and leverage it for internal reporting, BI, finance, calculation of sales compensations, etc.

"Before Adomik we needed to run multiple reports and also rely on other departments. The amount of time we used to spend pulling and standardizing data from different exchanges created a lot of inefficiency. It was time-consuming and we didn’t get the right insights. With Adomik, we stopped wasting time on data collection; now we can finally spend our time in analysis with the right insights. Keeping it simple is very hard. Adomik is both simple and impactful."

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Ravikumar Munukutla
Principal Product Manager
Cox Automotive

Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

More efficiency, revenue & transparency

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Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

Consolidated & accurate data and zero discrepancy

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