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Smart Advertising Analytics for Direct & Programmatic Reporting

Smart Advertising Analytics to manage ad direct and programmatic revenue reporting and monitor digital advertising monetization at 360 degrees

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Rely on accurate & granular ad revenue data for all direct & programmatic reporting and analysis jobs

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Manage direct and programmatic internal reporting and advertising team performance

Revenue Management Use Cases

Monitor your Revenue & CPM per SSP, Sales Channel, Format, Website


Check out REPORT each morning to get the full revenue data for the previous day, across your entire advertising stack, programmatic and direct


Access in one click all the monetization data that counts: total direct & programmatic revenue & impressions, average CPM, ad requests of the whole stack, accurate revenue per mille (RPM), click-through rate (CTR) and Viewability


Easily break down or compare per sales channels (Direct, Programmatic Guaranteed (PG), Deal, Private Marketplace (PMP), Open auction, etc.), supply-side platform (SSP), website, app, format, device, etc. for a more granular understanding of sales

Track the short – and long-term evolution of your yield performance vs. that of your peers


Use day on day / week on week / year on year Adomik comparison options to understand if your monetization performance is improving


In BENCHMARK, compare your monetization performance to other Publishers on the same market in terms of CPM, revenue trends, top demand, etc.

Work out your spend per Agency, Trading Desk, and Brands


In one click, discover who your top buyers and brands are with programmatic revenue data aggregated from all their buying seats


Filter on the targeted entity to check out their total spend & CPM, broken down per sales channel, website, format, etc.


Access a unique “Agency holdings” view to see how much the “big six” agencies (WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic, Dentsu and Havas) are spending with you through all their media agencies

Get a daily update of each salesperson’s performance


First activate the “Sales tracking” feature of Adomik based on the Buyer/Brand “programmatic advertising” sales portfolio of each Salesperson on the team


Then compare in a REPORT view the programmatic ad sales achievements of each salesperson


Filter in on any salesperson in one click to get a full revenue update on their activity

Access comprehensive revenue insights on first party data monetization


Identify Revenue and CPM per first party audience segment or contextual categories based on your implementation of key values


Display all segments and categories in one comparative table to detect the highest performing first party data


Implement monetization strategies to ensure optimal monetization of your best first party data and categories and monitor the success with REPORT tracking

Ingest your Adomik harmonized ad revenue data into your information system


Activate DATA EXPORT to receive a custom data feed from Adomik with all your harmonized advertising and monetization data to feed your financial information system


Avoid programmatic reporting & analysis mistakes that result from poor accuracy with Adomik “zero discrepancy” ad revenue data


Rely on Adomik detailed DATA EXPORT feed to share revenue data to the entire organization, broken down per supply-side platform (SSP), sales channel (Direct, Programmatic Guaranteed, Deal, Private Marketplace (PMP), Open Auction, etc.), format, etc.

"Before Adomik we needed to run multiple reports and also rely on other departments. The amount of time we used to spend pulling and standardizing data from different exchanges created a lot of inefficiency. It was time-consuming and we didn’t get the right insights. With Adomik, we stopped wasting time on data collection; now we can finally spend our time in analysis with the right insights. Keeping it simple is very hard. Adomik is both simple and impactful."

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Ravikumar Munukutla
Principal Product Manager
Cox Automotive

Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

More efficiency, revenue & transparency

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Adomik Client- Cox Automotive - Used by the world's most trusted ad publishers

Consolidated & accurate data and zero discrepancy

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