Deal iconAutomated Deal Alerts in Adomik Deal App!

New in the Deal App: Automated and Customized deal alerts

Identify all deals/PMP that require immediate troubleshooting action thanks to the revamped Adomik Deal alerts.

Customize your alert settings and get access to your daily feed.

Deal Alerts allow publishers to monitor their deals and spot the ones requiring immediate attention if they aren’t transacting or are underperforming, and the reasons why. This level of information on deals/PMP is very valuable for a publisher and helps recover revenue at risk.

Deal Alerts Adomik

Automated alerts to inform you when a Deal requires action

In the Deal Alert section, there is a news feed that contains all the alerts on the publisher’s Deal/PMP that require troubleshooting or attention. They are Automated alerts upon issues affecting the deal delivery: unusual revenue drop, late pacing, low performance, etc. and the reasons why, so that the publisher team can troubleshoot very quickly and ensure monetization.

The alerts are ranked by day and by revenue issue. There are 6 different types of alerts on the deals/PMPs issues.


  • Unusual revenue drops
    “Revenue drop” alerts are compared to BENCHMARK market data and revenue trends from other Publishers on the market

Deal Alerts Revenue Drop


  • Late pacing for Programmatic Guaranteed & Preferred dealsDeal Alerts Late Pacing


  • Stuck deals for deals that are supposed to start but do not deliverDeal Alerts Stuck Deal


  • High Video error rate when the creative of Video deals does not renderDeal Alerts High Video error rate


  • Low CTR, Viewability % or VTRDeal Alerts - Low Viewability, Low CTR, Low VTR


  • Low Win rate when a buyer is bidding for a Deal but not able to win many impressionsDeal Alerts Low Win Rate

Deal iconAlso in Adomik Deal, try the Deal Center

Identify all deal delivery issues, fix them and recover your lost programmatic deal revenue

Also in your Deal App, the Deal center centralizes all information on your programmatic deals (PG, Preferred, Private, Public, etc.) from all your SSPs in one simple dashboard. Publishers have access to: 

  • Comprehensive insights on each deal including bid and error data for troubleshooting
  • A rich selection of “purpose-built” views for your daily monitoring routine: a review of top revenue deals, PG pacing check-up, CTR/Viewability/VTR analysis, etc.
  • Custom “tags” to categorize your deals and streamline their management (tags for Salespersons, Office location, etc.) 

Deal center UI


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