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Adomik collects the advertising data from all your ad servers, SSPs, header partners to deliver insights that make your programmatic business thrive.

Manage your
revenue like a boss!

Gain full transparency into your supply chain
and across brands, agencies and SSPs
to develop more profitable revenue strategies

Achieve +10% incremental revenue
like other Adomik clients 


Strengthen your programmatic operations

Quickly identify issues and leverage detailed data
to troubleshoot your PMP
and your stack setup

Unlock 12% incremental revenue

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+ 12%

Capture more
advertiser spending

Fire-up your sales team with insights
on all new programmatic campaigns
popping up within your market

Attract +15%
incremental revenue

+ 15%

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Leaving data in silos is a surefire way to limit your success. Adomik will help you provide uniform, accurate, relevant and actionable data across your organization.

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Troubleshoot PMP & Open Auctions issues to unlock new revenue flows

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Optimize your pricing to maximize monetization. Find out how!

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Attract more budgets from programmatic buyers. Find out how!

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Manage internal and financial reportingsales compensations and publisher settlements

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Feed your information system with the most  accurate and detailed revenue data. Leaving it ready to be audited

Data Engine

The Data Engine, the heart of the Adomik Platform.
It powers the four Adomik Apps and Professional Services and provides the most powerful, comprehensive and accurate monetization dataset available on the market.
It has been designed for complex Ad stack, to automatically collect, process, store and unify all of your monetization data.  It supports constantly evolving data sources (API, new advertiser…). It manages currencies and complex metrics with accuracy.
It is use case oriented to suit your needs.

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Adomik Data Engine- How it works
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