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Cox Automotive is the world’s largest automotive service organisation.

Cox Automotive brings together the best brands and the best teams to propel the automotive industry forward. Cox Automotive is part of Cox Enterprises, a privately-owned, Atlanta-based company with revenues exceeding $20 billion. 73% of internet using car buyers use Cox Automotive Brands (Autotrader/Kelley Blue Book) to research and shop for vehicles. Ravikumar Munukutla is Principal Product Manager at Cox Automotive. Over the past 5 years, his role has evolved to identify innovative solutions and grow revenue via automation, data analytics for the group.

The Background in numbers

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How we help them

“Before Adomik our Programmatic team used to pull the data from our monetization partners into an excel file, to pivot the data, chart it and start doing the analysis. With Adomik, we stopped wasting time on data collection to feed our advertising report, now we can finally spend our time in analysis with the right insights. “


Header Bidding Adoption

Cox Automotive’s Programmatic Team used to monetize their inventory only on Google until Q2 2018. They then adopted header bidding to add more demand pressure, in turn adding complexity in reporting and understanding their stack. Cox Automotive began implementing their header bidding wrapper in Q3 2018, auctioning their inventory not only in Google Adx but also in other exchanges such as Appnexus and Open X. Hence, They soon realized that:

– It was hard and time-consuming to collect data from different sources.
– The data they were getting from different exchanges was in a different format with different granularity.
– They had a lot of data but it was difficult to obtain actionable insights for their business.

In a few words, they started to deal with a problem that concerns all big publishers: multiple monetization sources, multiple tools, multiple channels.

“We needed to run multiple reports and also rely on other departments, and at the end of the month do it again. The amount of time we used to spend pulling and standardizing data from different exchanges created a lot of inefficiency. It was time consuming and we didn’t get the right insights. So we needed a place to centralize & standardize the data to have easy access to metrics and dimensions we needed, with reliable format”

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Ravikumar Munukutla
Principal Product Manager
at Cox Automotive

New Report UI with the new Ecosystem - August 2021 (2)

“The Adomik Deal provides extremely valuable campaign level details. It displays metrics across multiple aspects of deals, from top performers to deals that are not transacting. The dashboard is completely customizable and allows our team to troubleshoot very quickly. As a publisher, this level of information is critical to ensure the monetization of inventory.“

adomik sale illustration

Libby Smiley
Product Director, Programmatic
at Cox Automotive


What was achieved

Cox Automotive has been using Adomik’s REPORT, BENCHMARK, DEAL, and DATA EXPORT since September 2018 to
address those challenges.

More revenue

Increase in revenue by being able to effectively optimize the monetization of their inventory

Consolidated Data

Access consolidated & accurate data for across their full stack: Direct, Header, Native, Guaranteed, PMP, Search, Programmatic reporting

Side By Side Comparison of CPM By Advertiser

Carry out side-by-side comparison of CPM by advertiser cross transaction types to identify revenue trends

Year-on-Year Comparisons

Access year-on-year advertising report comparisons, as Report has up to a 24-month history

Zero Discrepancy

Harmonize their SSP data thanks to Adomik robust mapping engines with zero discrepancy

Case-Specific Reporting

Collect data in their data lake, financial IS, and BI tools for case-specific reporting and analysis


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