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Struggling to wrap your head around your advertising business with so many monetization partners, spreadsheets, devices and ad types? Report is the first cross-channel data aggregation tool that unifies all your advertising data into a single holistic dashboard.

adomik Report data aggregation tool

Access consolidated & accurate data for all your digital advertising activity


Stop wasting time on data collection to feed your advertising report


Prepare sales meetings with a 360° view of a buyer’s spending with you


Identify and explain revenue trends at the most granular level


Improve advertising teams’ efficiency with custom reporting


Assess and adapt your pricing strategy across products and platforms

adomik data reporting tool dashboard


We collect your data from all your monetization partners, consolidate it, enrich it
and make it available in a single UI

Simple dashboard or CSV extract

Consolidated & standardized data across the full stack

Direct / Header / Native / Guaranteed / PMP / Search / Programmatic reporting

Up to a 24-month history

Flexible comparisons & trend analyses

Custom data structure & visualization

Revenue, impressions, CPM, CTR, transaction types, deals, sizes, devices, agencies, brands, etc.